Ivar Pall Jonsson: Revolution In The Elbow Of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter

Compare the current state of the music market to its previous incarnations. The focus has moved away from the album as a whole, where a highly developed overall aesthetic and tracklisting was heavily considered. Many artists now optimize the chance for hit singles. Some even argue that albums have experienced sacrifice on quality due to the focus on singles. This is all a part of the era of digital music. But the new album from composer Ívar Páll Jónsson marvelously reintroduces just how magical telling a story through an entire album can be.

The instruments heard include an array of percussion; full drum set to tambourines, piano, strings, guitar, and synths. Themes of revolution, romance and conflict are heard woven into the lyrics. The arrangements are mystical, textured and vast. A number of singers are featured, creating characters and enhancing the storyline.

The opener is a hypnotic and ethereal number titled “The Legacy Of Elbowville.” The track features a powerful female vocalist over twinkling tunes and regal drumming. “Love Weighs 200 Tons” is an intense duet between two lovers who croon about the hardships of romance. An intricate and ornate arrangement can be heard in “Alone.” The song slows down and picks up interchangeably, building up to a great burst of energy and wailing vocals.

Jónsson tells the story of Elbowville, where peace was interrupted by drama through his 18-song composition. When you’ve finished listening to this album, you will have embarked on a musical journey. The music is perfect to be the soundtrack for a dramatic play, and luckily it will be brought to the stage this summer. Fans of rock anthems and elaborate pop are encouraged to indulge.

In A Word: Enchanting