The Front Bottoms: Rose

With origins dating as early as 2008, The Front Bottoms were at one point a hidden gem in New Jersey’s underground music scene. Before they started selling out venues nationwide and began to hit the road with iconic acts such as Say Anything, Kevin Devine, Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, longtime friends Brian Sella and Matt Uychich spent their college years crafting together catchy tunes that took queues from the eccentric delivery of folk groups like Bright Eyes and The Mountain Goats, while articulating a lively dance-pop persona that shares common ground with indie pop megastars Matt & Kim.

After the skyrocketing success of their latest studio release, Talon Of The Hawk, both Sella and Uychich touched up on selected songs from their obscure catalog and re-recorded them for their follow-up effort, Rose, which is the first in a series of EPs they plan to put out as a tribute for their grandmothers.

While we immediately become familiar with the band’s offbeat nature as well as Sella’s quirky lyrical vernacular on “Be Nice To Me” and “Lipstick Covered Magnet,” listeners are graced with a rejuvenating spirit that comes from the beautifully remastered versions of “Flying Model Rockets” and “Twelve Feet Deep.” By engaging with these polished tracks, fans can truly identify with the passion and raw emotion that The Front Bottoms incorporate into their music by sincerely finding new meanings to these beloved singles.

For those who have been listening to The Front Bottoms since the very beginning, Rose is a genuine breath of fresh air that will fill your head with nostalgic feelings and put a smile on your face. As for newer fans, this album is a delightful introduction to help you get to know these peculiar musicians by diving right into their older material.

In A Word: Refreshing