Cancers: Fatten The Leeches

20 years ago, grunge rock had its spotlight moment. Grunge didn’t stop at music; it had its own distinguishable fashion and attitude. It was influential to say the least. As time continued and things changed, grunge didn’t keep its popularity. But the new album from Cancers, Fatten The Leeches, may give the genre its resurrection.

The element that is the key grunge factor on the album is the guitar. They’re fast, hurried, and harsh. The lead vocal by Ella Kaspar is pure angst pop, while the background vocals consist of rough harmonies. The album has eclectic lyrics that have themes of loneliness, angst, and rebellion.

“Razorblade” is the epitome of grunge; its characteristics include solemn lyrics, alternative guitars, and a medium tempo. “Dig” starts off with a startling dissonant thrash on the guitar, then goes straight into one of the heaviest tracks on the album. In contrast, the least intense and most unique song on the tracklist is “Liar.” On this number, the thrashing guitar is replaced for a delicate melody, percussion is absent and vocals sound as if they were recorded from a distance.

The album’s producer, Jack Endino, worked with bands that reigned during the grunge era such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. The influence of Endino’s experience can be heard throughout the album, but there is no doubt that Cancers made this album their own. For those looking for a fresh grunge album, this would be a perfect choice.

In A Word: Ecstatic