Woman’s Hour: Conversations

There are certain qualities in music that make you relate musical patterns to specific points in time. If time travel had music set to it, Conversations would play if you were traveling back to the ‘80s. It is not uncommon for modern artists to find inspiration from and even create a sound similar to music of the past.

Lead singer Fiona provides dreamy vocals with a timbre reminiscent of ‘80s-era vocalists. But you definitely can’t ignore the heavy ‘80s influence of the keyboard—pulsing synths are heard on every song. The guitar played by Fiona’s brother, William, is solemn, which contributes to the gloomy-themed lyrics. And finally, you can hear bass player Nick slyly jamming along in the background of the record.

Title-track “Conversations” has a catchy vocal line over lively keyboard melodies. The groove in “To The End” runs deep, a spotlight song for the bass. “Her Ghost” gives a supernatural vibe, which is emphasized by the echoing harmonies heard on the background of the track. Synth keyboards take on the role of principal instrument in “The Day That Needs Defending,” where you can hear the ‘80s influences most clearly.

Woman’s Hour’s ethereal pop record is intimate, funky, and pays tribute well, but they managed to maintain their own personal touch despite other influences. What Woman’s Hour did was give Conversations modern characteristics to enhance its retro feel. For a debut album with strong influences, Woman’s Hour were still able to portray their own personality. Worth a listen for the ethereal listening experience.

In A Word: Nostalgic