DoublePlusGood: You Can Master Life

There is a belief that life is something to figure out and that success is formulaic. Of course, as we pick up on what sort of things to avoid over time and learn other lessons, there is no right way to live. The idea that there is a perfect life model is absurd. DoublePlusGood ironically titled their newest album You Can Master Life, and then poked fun at the notion.

Lead singer Erik Carlson provides baritone vocals that are accompanied by frank lyrics about relationship mishaps. Carlson is also responsible for the bass on the record. Giving the album its unique new wave sound are the synth keyboard melodies by Jason Anderson. The guitar can be heard as the driving factor, introducing new musical ideas and moving the songs along.

The quintessential new wave song on the album is “Say Your Sorry.” The number features sparkling synth melodies, a fast bassline, and energetic, catchy lyrics. “Now I Know” is fun and upbeat, and talks about facing the reality of a relationship with a not-so-happy ending. You can hear a significant amount of heart in “He Must Be Lieing,” which is about miscommunicated feelings. “King For A Day” is the bright and twinkling final track on the album.

If DoublePlusGood are determined to make another revival of the new wave/synthpop of the ‘80s, then they are on their way with this new release. This record is a fun discussion on the less-enjoyable experiences of life and failed relationships. Smooth arrangements and relatable lyrics give You Can Master Life listen-worthy attributes.

In A Word: Twinkling