Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

Looks like you have reached the end of the limb, James. (IN PRAISE OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH (AGAIN)—Issue: 6/25/14) It’s as if you are clinging to the tip of that very last leaf waiting for the crack and inevitable fall. As you plummet, should I urinate on a church or rub the glistening blood of Bambi over my naked body as I ejaculate on an American flag?


—Peter Saveskie


That may well have been the vilest thing you have committed to paper and sent to press. If The Aquarian Weekly publishes the likes of it, then I feel you have achieved a level of untouchable that is not only rarely enjoyed by commentators and editorialists, but never enjoyed by anyone. And I mean never. There is stuff in this column that defies any moral center and is so rife with unbridled vitriol there is no possible way it could be 1) not comedy or 2) says some awful things about your living soul.

I shall pray for you, my friend. And then read you next week.


—Arnold Dulla


Damn, I wish I was with you at that Yankee game. I would have chimed in!


—Laura Debona


If your point in going on and on about freedom of speech by abusing every possible tenet of it, then way to go. The only thing is I cannot believe that you have not insulted everyone at least once here. I’m not sure where to decipher, “Quick aside: According to the New Testament, mostly the Gospel of John, God aborted his son in the 99th trimester. Just saying.” Is there no decency left in you?




You are funny, man. Sick, but damn funny. I’m not sure what the hell I just read, mainly because my eyes are bloodshot from laughing so friggin’ hard during half of it.

There is a madman lurking in these sentences, a real damaged person. And I’m not quite sure yet if you’re not the bravest person I read or listen to. You go—quickly—to the darkest recesses of yourself for these columns. I was not ever going to write you, never going to take you to task for going “too far,” whatever “too far” is for Reality Check, but deep down you must have known this one was going to ruffle a few feathers. And yet the damn thing kept getting more and more crazy.

I wonder if I should have even taken the time to write you this time around, because my guess is you are beyond redemption or taking a scolding to heart. I’m not saying this is not a great read, Reality Check is a great read every week. And I know people probably tell you that your flippant mockery of everything borders on the absurd, but I had to write you after this massacre and it was a massacre, in every way, to all things decent and good about this country or people.

A new low for you, but…again…funny.




Not bad, my friend. (CONTEMPLATING GAZA—Issue: 8/6/14) I pretty much agree with this. I am a Catholic, but do not embroil myself in “the troubles” over in Northern Ireland or in Iraq (or anywhere else that Islam is killing Christians). The reason I do not is because there is no end to it. People are going to hate, it is wired in their DNA and then refined through family traditions and education. Once you throw the gloves on the ice and start swinging, there is no end. It becomes a back and forth of retribution that goes for generations. No thanks.

I truly believe the best way to handle this is to not arm or fund either side. Yes, I know Israel is our ally in the region (even though they commit espionage against us at record levels) but we have to let these guys swing at each other ‘til 1) They get too tired to swing and just head to the penalty box, or 2) They realize killing each other is having no effect in attaining a final outcome either way. One of those two scenarios is the only way to achieve even a remote peace and it is key they figure that on their own. Any outside assistance only delays this outcome.

Great column this week.



—Bill Roberts


James, you’d make a great Buddhist. Your comment to that CNN reporter was spot on. One thing to add: If neither side is willing to set aside their personal beliefs, traditions and differences, perhaps they could simply agree to disagree and decide mutually to tolerate the other based on the fact that they are all HUMAN BEINGS and learn to live together, just as we do here in America…


—Elizabeth Vengen, Esq.


“Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace.”

-John Lennon


—Michael Janicek


You said the truth beautifully.


—Judi Barrett

I think often of that little Palestinian boy, named Fati, who tried to peddle batteries or film of gum to us outside one of the gates of the old city. I felt so bad for him, I remember going back and giving him $, and telling him not to tell his father, but to keep it for himself. He must have been seven or eight in 1996, so he would be about 25 now. I wonder what life brought him?


—Rich Salvatore


Awesome answer to that CNN reporter, man—brutal honesty to the core and as true today as it was then. Even though we were disciples of The Church of Brutal Honesty before the Hunter influence, he’d be proud of that answer!


—Ken Eustace


That’s about right … but it might not be quite as far off as it seems.




Here here, maestro.


—Dan Bern



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