’68: In Humor And Sadness

Embarking on a new musical chapter shortly after the end of The Chariot’s final tour, vocalist Josh Scogin ravaged forward by teaming up with drummer Michael McClellan to spontaneously form a unique post-hardcore outlet entitled ’68. With an imaginative sense of creative significance that was interpreted throughout their highly receptive EP, Midnight, the band’s anticipated debut full-length, In Humor And Sadness, reaches higher states with an energetic effort that truly exemplifies Scogin’s writing style.

One interesting quality that comes to mind when listening to In Humor And Sadness at first is the charming poetic arrangement of each song title that deliberately spells out the phrase “R.E.G.R.E.T.N.O.T.” While ’68 offers more of an experimental style in nature as opposed to his previous work, the instinctive craftsmanship of Scogin’s songwriting abilities stand out immediately within the opening tracks of In Humor And Sadness.

As McClellan’s blistering drum patterns instantly synchronize with Scogin’s scratchy yet distorted guitar riffs in “Track One: R” and “Track Two: E,” listeners will be ecstatically reminded of the chaotically eccentric musicianship that he championed in both The Chariot as well another beloved project, Norma Jean.

However, what separates ’68 in comparison is the band’s impulsive spontaneity, which unpredictably joins together elements of Southern rock with a noisy array of expressive punk that erratically alternates back and forth with an intensified “loud-soft-loud” formula. These attributes can be distinctively pointed out in other deep cuts like “Track Four: R” as well as “Track Nine: T’ and “Track Ten: O.”

Throughout this record, ’68 soothes the soul with soft-spoken tendencies, but also keeps you at the edge of your seat at the same time. For elated technical metalcore lovers, In Humor And Sadness is a satisfying release that continues to keep the post-hardcore genre alive in our hearts with a gritty and aggressive persona that will spit blood and dirt right in your face.

In A Word: Unpredictable