It is always interesting to see when two individuals come together to make beautiful, harmonious music. What makes the story even better for SOS is that both members grew up on different sides of the country; Randa Leigh grew up in Baltimore and Brian Vincent grew up in Oregon. Despite their varying places of origin, they both fell in love with similar styles of music. Their bond flourished through their mutual love for electronica, dance, and R&B. The duo focused their time and effort into their self-titled debut album for the past year.

SOS have a soulful pop/alternative R&B blend that is unique. Their beats, massive and danceable, are inspired from the worlds of hip-hop and electronic dance. Lead vocalist Leigh has a sound that is enchanting, silky and echoing. Vincent produces an ethereal atmospheric sparkling sound that is layered in between vocals, beats, synths, and bass, and he also provides vocal appearances throughout the record.

The introductory track, “Light,” is a tempting invitation of friendship, featuring harmonious vocals. “She Wants” is the seductive and sleek second-released single off of SOS. The track gives a lyrical nod to Rihanna and Drake’s 2010 hit, “What’s My Name?” and features similarly sensual lyrics. A hushed, snapping, and upbeat song of an undisclosed relationship is aptly titled “Secrets.” A musical journey, “Gorgeous” is dynamic and transitions from heavy electronic dance beats and echoed voices to light glittering sounds adorning Leigh’s ethereal voice.

The group has managed to construct a tracklist of songs that speak to the anxiousness of youth and their aspiration for adventure. The music is perfect for hazy house parties, early road trips, and every other carefree act of youth. Perfect for fans of alternative R&B looking to hear something other than The Weeknd.

In A Word: Alluring

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