Casey Jack: Casey Jack

A self-proclaimed punk rocker with a perfectionist approach to production, Casey Jack debuts as an artist with an LP that is as melodic and polished as it is raw and alternative. Rooted in the legacy of punk rock’s aftermath, the main elements found on this record are post-punk, power pop, and pop punk, all coming together with a smooth, melodic sound. Ear-friendly hooks, varying layers of harmonies and emotional lyrical are offered together with the in-your-face attitude of the genre; not as contrasting elements, but as part of the same artistic insight. There are different eras of punk found scattered across the tracklist, shifting stylistic direction on what is for the most part a fast and energetic record.

An influence of post-punk/power pop is heard on the opener, “I’m Alright,” giving it a bright and infectious tone, but there is an equal amount of raw energy and edge. A more angsty sound, in the vein of the pop and skate punk of the ‘90s, makes its appearance on tracks like “Cool Kids,” “Stay Away,” and combines itself with a peculiar twist of prog rock on “Home,” but still the same bright, catchy and polished sound remains unaffected. With the exception of “I Won’t Wait In Line” and “Maybe,” two slow and sentimental pieces showcasing a different side of Mr. Jack’s songwriting, the album retains a powerful but precise energy throughout, culminating in two more contemporary alternative rockers “Terrible Things Always Happen In 3’s” and “Fall.”

With this LP, Casey Jack delivers peculiar punk stemming from his own ambivalent creative energy, a musical vision that although relies solidly on its influences, is too original and wrapped in its own offbeat bubble not to give fresh and unique vibes. We will see what this debutante has to offer next.

In A Word: Singular