Maria’s Local Radar: Quimby Mountain Band

Hello my local family, it’s about that time to chat any and everything music related that makes our days a little brighter. Week after week, I keep discovering cool opportunities for so many acts, such as Inventure playing with Emmure at Starland Ballroom, holiday shows coming along, Toothgrinder getting signed to Spinefarm Records, and so much more. It’s great to hear such good things happening to so many talented acts that are deserving; keep up the good work everyone!

This week, I am going to talk about a band that has been around for a minute, but really have been buzzing on my radar as of late. You most likely have heard of them, for they have planted a stem in the market that has gotten them a lot of attention. They go by the name of Quimby Mountain Band. If I am not mistaken, The Aquarian has featured them before in some sort of spotlight, but I want to get a little more in depth with what they are up to and what their sound is like. Without further hesitation, let’s explore the magic of Quimby Mountain Band.

Quimby Mountain Band are a rock and roll outfit from Hackettstown, New Jersey, with members Harry Noble, Matt Di Paolo, Matt Schmidt, Jesse Bardwell, and Bob Noble. Now, just to give you a little insight as to how talented they actually are without even hearing a note of their music, they have opened up for massive acts such as Railroad Earth, The Marshall Tucker Band, Bernie Worrell Orchestra, Dark Star Orchestra, and so many more. That’s a pretty impressive resume to say the least, which automatically got my blood flowing. What do they sound like, you ask? Well, not that I would want to, but I don’t think I could compare them to anyone if I tried. They ooze originality in a market that needs more natural talent, desperately. They recently played a Halloween show in Blairstown that I unfortunately couldn’t make it out to, but I can only imagine how fun it was. After seeing how much they have done in their careers already, I decided to take it a step further and really get into their recordings, for after all, that’s what we do when experimenting with new music, right?

The first track I dove into was called “Bottom Of The Bottle,” which immediately made me a fan. Their lead vocals are so on point on this track; it’s almost as if you are drowning in his tone. The lyrics are very deep on this one, and if you really take a listen, it could easily hit home for many people. It’s a great song to start off with, and I highly recommend it. Another personal favorite is “Impossible Two,” which turns a completely different cheek. This tune is a lot slower, and really can put you in a relaxed state of mind. It also allows you to really understand just how talented this group is. Have you ever heard a song title that immediately takes you to a situation that you have encountered? The title “Impossible Two” could have a completely different meaning than what I imagine, but it immediately became personal, almost like the song was for me. Any songwriters that can take material and let you fall completely into it without trying to stop yourself are meant to be musicians. It may sound crazy to you, but I truly feel that way. Another track that left me with that similar taste is called “Move On,” which could apply a life lesson to many of us, in many different ways. Check out the lyrics to this one as well and give credit where it’s due; these guys can not only play music, but they can write the hell out of a song as well.

I am looking forward to seeing this band live, for I have fallen in love with their library. If you haven’t heard anything yet, stroll on over to their Facebook page at Over there you can find just how interactive they are with their fans, check out the tunes, buy some merchandise, and just support their craft. Also, I tend to see their band name pop up more and more on other bands’ pages, so they must really be well received in the market, not only by their fans, but their peers as well. Their recipe works, and I truly find them to be a diamond in the rough in the scene. You can also check out their official website at for all of your band needs.

I will be back next week with another amazing act of your liking. In the meantime, please keep on sending in your tunes! Get out there and play some live shows so that you can get your name in the spotlight and get the recognition you deserve! The Local Radar is nothing without the contributing artists, musicians, venues, and more, for we are all in this as one. Oh, and don’t forget to tell Quimby Mountain Band that Maria sent you, as I promise you will not be disappointed. Until next week, my friends, keep on keeping on!