Maria’s Local Radar: BINX

Mid-September, how did you get here already? This year has really been flying, but there are so many good shows that I am looking forward to this fall, it’s well worth it. Green Day at Starland Ballroom especially, that will be epic!

That being said, I also have been getting into some new music a lot as well. I received an email from a pop musician and model, BINX. She just released her first EP titled The African Bee on her late father’s birthday, which is a beautiful tribute. The EP was produced by Jack Hoffman, and her song “Radiohead” on this EP “was produced by B Slade.” I must say, this song had me hooked instantly, and I am sure it will have the same impact on you.

Want to know more about BINX? There is a lot to share. Some fun facts—she placed first in the RAD singer-songwriter competition in New York City in 2015, she’s had radio airplay in South Africa, she’s performed on the morning show Expresso, and so much more. These are just a few of her accolades mentioned here, as her résumé is pretty impressive to say the least!

First off, her voice is amazing. She is currently unsigned, but is having a major impact on a lot of people around the world, and I hope she continues to push forward. Her talent speaks for itself; I do not need to sit here and tell you how good she is, but I will anyway.

Now, if I had to compare her to someone, I really couldn’t, because you can tell by her video for “Radiohead” she has a unique style all her own. The video is amazing, and I absolutely love the concept. It’s fun, energetic, and makes me want to go to NYC in a costume, no questions asked.

Getting back on track, yes, there is a lot to fuss about with her style, and rightfully so. It just adds to her portfolio as an artist. Her tones somewhat remind me of Lady Gaga, in the best way possible, as her voice is just as powerful as it is soothing.

I really could see BINX being a top pop act in the years to come. Being original in this day and age of the music industry can be tough, but I feel as if she has it locked down. I think listeners are grasping this more readily nowadays, and you will see so on this new EP. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so take a listen for yourself. Let’s just say it’s very FREE, and the idea is to listen to it with an open mind, and interpret it on your own terms.

Still being new to her fan base, I familiarized myself with a few of her performances, and am completely impressed with her live show. If you want to learn more about BINX, catch her on the road, and get her new EP, check out her official website at I am very excited to get to know her better, as her pop style is right up my alley. I am excited to see what the future hold for her and her fans. Consider this article the start of a new relationship that isn’t ending anytime soon, trust me. Cheers to all of the success BINX can bring to this world!