Cariad Harmon: Cariad Harmon

Do you have to be an American born and raised to be able to put your heart into an Americana-inspired album? Some might argue yes, but Cariad Harmon, who grew up in London, has not let that stop her from producing an album of her aesthetic of choice. Originally from the UK, Harmon is currently based in NYC. This duality isn’t random; Harmon has a mother from the UK and an American father.

Harmon’s voice is melodic and sincere with the talent of a storyteller. Her English accent works in tandem with the quaint character of the guitar to essentially highlight the best of the singer-songwriter’s worlds. The banjo is a perfect addition to many of the tracks; the instrument completes the record’s ambiance.

Life in New York is sure to serve inspiration; “Wicked Town” is a sassy complaint tribute to life in the metropolis. “Like You” is an illustrious confession of endearment. Piano notes flicker and frank lyrics adorn “Shame,” a song that speaks on regret. “Don’t Forget Me” is a sassy lament about a past lover that because of travels has moved on to newer romances.

Embracing her accent and dual heritage, it’s fitting that this is her self-titled album despite this being Harmon’s sophomore release. Self-discovery is often found in the songwriting process, but Harmon’s decision to free her inhibitions about her and showcase her cross-cultural background gives her a unique quality that enriches her content.

In A Word: Homey