Meg Myers: Make A Shadow

Tennessee native Meg Myers has returned with a sophomore album that tailors to the taste of her fans from her debut. In other words, Myers has delivered a performance true to the grunge sounds we’ve come to expect from her. Make A Shadow was released earlier this year, and it has only reinforced Myers’ musical following.

Myers’ vocals can be described as dynamic, ranging from soft whispers to startling shrieks. There is a candid quality about her voice that only reaffirms her frank lyrics. The album, musically speaking, also switches from extremes, as it can sound soft and mellow at one moment and then burst with intense energy the next. Keeping uniform, the guitar also moves between softer moments and powerful sound.

First single and opening track “Desire” is an explicit and ethereal song about a romance that took a wrong turn. “Go” is as upbeat and catchy as it gets, but it doesn’t lose its edge; there are plenty of shredding guitars and screams. Title-track “Make A Shadow” is guitar heavy, and has surprisingly consistent solo vocals, contrast to the chanted chorus. “Heart Heart Head” is pounding, a likely homage to human heartbeat, and builds up to a raging final chorus. Ending off on an easy note, “The Morning After” is soft and features glimmering piano notes, a modest guitar line, and music box melodies.

Meg Myers’ second EP, Make A Shadow, is a five-song record that although short is jam-packed with raw emotion, unapologetic openness, and passion. She successfully carries the talent and angst of the grunge queens before her. Through lyrics, composition and atmosphere, Myers has epitomized, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

In A Word: Intrusive