Robin Bacior: Water Dreams

Some people find drowning to be one of the most horrific deaths imaginable. Some can interpret it as an artistic interpretation. One might be a bit morbid compared to the other, but both are profound analyses. Robin Bacior has a new album, Water Dreams, which depicts just how beautifully we can understand water and its immeasurable depths.

Bacior’s voice is quaint and her embellishments and riffs are beautifully placed. Ethereal instruments are heard beneath her voice. Piano, strings, and percussion come together to create a rich layer of sound. This is certainly a genre-blending album mixing classical and folk elements with mystic accents. Moments of musical complexity and simplicity take turns in the spotlight throughout the record as intensity levels alternate.

“Your Best Advice” opens the album with a soft and mellow mood that eventually explodes instrumentally toward the end. “Smoke Screen” has texture and movement, and warm, rich tones which paired together makes for a gorgeous composition of sound. Title-track “Water Dreams” is a pivotal moment in the soundscape of the album, as it becomes darker and richer, mirroring what Bacior is singing about. What sounds like the solemn end to a voyage, “Poolside” has a slow but prominent percussion, simulating a march toward the end.

Her sixth release, there is no doubt that Bacior knows her style and what she wants to release. This allows for the concept of the album to be developed and expanded upon. The tracks will create musical imagery where you will find yourself immersed underwater, and regardless of how you interpret it, you will find that Bacior’s album will submerse you with layered and rich sound from intro to closing note.

In A Word: Absorbing