Brian Lopez: Static Noise

After a two-year-long writing process to follow up his debut album, Ultra, singer-songwriter Brian Lopez is back with the release of his latest record, Static Noise. Lopez takes on a different approach this time around, resulting in a more focused and fluid album. Rather than recording with over-edited, in-studio mixing, Lopez recorded live to tape to give the sound a raw, authentic feel. With more room for error and imperfections, the process could be considered daunting to some musicians, but Lopez executes it with ease.

Unlike Ultra, the vibe of Static Noise is a bit heavier, and features more traditional characteristics of rock, intertwined with aspects of indie and psychedelic rock. Indicated by the album title itself, Lopez’s inspiration for this record aims to describe the idea of seclusion and solitude amidst the surrounding chaos. This new tone is illustrated in the single, “Crossfire Cries.” The song features tighter guitar rifts and more emphasized drumming, while Lopez’s powerful, resonating lyrics, like, “You opened up just to realize you’re alone,” command your attention.

Yet, even with his obvious rock and roll influences, the album isn’t a one-tone compilation. Lopez displays his ability to juxtapose his heavier use of drums and indie vibes with lighter, free-flowing songs. This is highlighted best in the song “Persephone,” which is somewhat softer than the others. With an intro echoing slightly of Audrey Hepburn’s performance of “Moon River” in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, “Persephone” is a melody-driven track that feels as though you are floating along with the acoustics and piano. His ability to deliver such faultless range and enticing passion stirs the need to see him perform live and truly experience this flawless performance.

In A Word: Authentic