Modern Suits: Every Light

Those who were previously unaware of the talented rock band, Modern Suits, are bound to remember their name with the release of their latest album, Every Light. In their newest release since their 2012 record, Promises, the four-member rock outfit, hailing from Philadelphia, are guaranteed to please. Their latest album features an array of catchy hooks, intricate drum breaks, and powerful guitar riffs that propel the songs and leave you wanting more.

Every Light’s opening track, “The Road,” shines bright. Amidst an alluring barrage of guitars, the song calls out people’s tendencies to romanticize their realities saying, “When everyone seems content/Living a lie that’s true in their heads.” Closely followed by, “There is a long road left to travel,” the draw to Modern Suits’ music is how the group is unafraid to confront tough realities, while simultaneously remaining uplifting; preaching the need to find a light even in the darkness.

While the quartet cite many influences, the most notable is U2, which is apparent in the song “Home,” through the melodic vibes and tone of lead singer Keith Gibbons’ voice. Accompanied by the recent release of its music video, the track is strengthened through its seamless depiction in a visual aesthetic. The video reads as an understated compilation of the members playing within a house that gives off a strong “home-is-where-the-heart-is” feel. Each glimpse perfectly portrays the lyrics, such as, “I had to find out what you mean to me/So keep a light on in the window/That I would die to see.” Their ability to produce a strong compilation and equally as appealing videos make Modern Suits a band to watch.

In A Word: Promising