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Once again you prove why I am a huge fan of your work. (I CAN’T BREATHE – Issue: 12/10/14) Twice in nearly as many weeks you have hit it out of the park. I supported the Wilson Grand Jury’s decision because the evidence supported that decision. Here in Staten Island, it is gruesome, it is ugly and it is wrong. I understand policing is a tough thing, I get it. I really do. This unfortunately does not meet that bar. This was murder, pure and simple. A man died over selling “illegal” cigarettes. I want people to say that slowly back to themselves once or twice and let it swirl around their mind for a moment and let the outrage build. This is wrong and the fact that the officer will face no retribution for this is almost beyond comprehension. If Garner had killed Pantaleo there would have been wall-to-wall coverage, a full pomp and circumstance cop funeral and Garner would be looking at a sentence that would make Mark David Chapman say “DAYAM.” But no, Garner is dead, Pantaleo is free, and the world goes on. Something doesn’t sit right with that.

I had always said Ferguson was not where we should be aiming our outrage as the evidence didn’t support it. THIS is where we should be making our stand and being unified because this incident has folks from both ends of the spectrum pissed off and wanting answers. This is the incident that will unite us, we can’t waste this opportunity.

Again dude, great column.



—Bill Roberts



I think your narrative here is missing the point. It is classic liberal ranting with only half the facts. Pre-agenda outrage is what this is. Sad.

The officers accused did their jobs. It is not their fault this man was morbidly obese and as a result in ill-health. Are cops, thrust into a dangerously threatening situation, supposed to treat every potential criminal with the same force or in this case controlled-force because of their weight or condition? Sure, if he were elderly or affirmed in some way, but he appeared to be fairly healthy and quite threatening in his demeanor. I think it is easy for columnists and protestors to just assume that there was ill-intent every time things go awry with police officers. And while I admit the timing after Ferguson was bad, you yourself admit that Ferguson was a completely different case. Conflating those makes no sense and is lazy reasoning.

I also realize my opinion is likely in the minority, especially for Aquarian Weekly readers, but I feel safe responding this way to your column, because it is usually not biased ideologically. Except this time. I just think you have overstated your outrage here based on flimsy evidence. We cannot break everything down by merely seeing it. There are extenuating circumstances. Always.




Nice article, really sums up my feelings as well.


—Bo Blaze


The real problem is that the DA and these half-assed, quickly thrown together grand juries are never going to convict cops. It is a set-up and this is why there are a lot of people rightfully pissed off. And this is in a city that only recently got rid of that insanely unconstitutional “stop and frisk” law. And I love how conservatives are all about the constitution unless it “protects” the citizenry from themselves, of course unless it involves some kind of sane gun laws. Nope. Need all the guns everywhere. Assholes.




How is it that every jerk-off with a typewriter can now comment on police work? What do you know about what police have to deal with every day? And don’t give me your history defending cops. Good for you! You should defend the cops! Especially in New York City! If not for the Blue Line, then where would you be? Fucked, that’s where. This column is outrageous. Not the acts of the police.




My favorite thing is how the police union (another shitty union fucking everything up) has now taken it upon itself to turn their backs on the mayor and stop policing. Arrests have gone down incredibly in the weeks following this murder (and make no mistake it is murder) and then because of this some lunatic shoots two cops! I ask you; who is really at fault? The protestors? The media? The mayor? Or is it the police who refused to do their jobs, because they were throwing a convenient hissy fit.

I like also how we’re not supposed to criticize police. Then why criticize anything you don’t do professionally? No one can criticize sport figures unless you play pro sports and no one can criticize the president unless you have been a president, and not the vice president, like that lump of shit, Cheney, and unless you have produced, directed or acted in a blockbuster movie, keep your fucking mouth shut!

Here’s the deal—once the cops go crazy, there is anarchy, and that is what has befallen us.

Nice job, Daniel Pantaleo.


—P. Ward


The real problem is this police state we have accepted since 9/11. This is what we wanted and when it goes too far, which it most assuredly will do eventually, we’re surprised. We asked for this. We voted for this. We want to be controlled. We are afraid of Muslims, yet our police force is killing us.

As usual, New York is the place where the future of this nation will play out. It is the place where diversity and money and poverty and generations clash. It is a microcosm of our country. Look at that video again. Watch it and wonder if this is America we are seeing? Unfortunately this question will be answered yes, because it is hard to deny it. Watch it. Watch it again.




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