RISEN From ReverbNation: Selections From The Aquarian Weekly’s Current Opportunities Campaign On ReverbNation.com – Week 1

Another Day, Another Sunrise

Seven Circle Sunrise

Rising from the efforts of vocalist and guitarist Veno Xavier, Seven Circle Sunrise is a rock band from Ohio. The rest of the band members include Brandon Vatter on the bass and keyboards and Jerry Lee on the drums. Their sound is usually heavy and intense, which is created by Xavier’s heavy vocal and the power of the accompanying instruments. What fuels the passion of their compositions is the heartache and instability Xavier experienced in his youth. He picked up a guitar given to him by his older brother and found a space where he could channel his emotions that ranged from anger to sorrow.

Their album Beauty In Being Alone captures the depth of sentiment illustrated by the heartbreaking story of Xavier’s past. The guitar-driven “Dead Love Letters” depicts anger toward a past romance. The track is composed of a simple yet memorable riff between shreds and features an excellent solo. On a contrary note, “Nevershine” showcases some of the more vulnerable moments of the release; the lyrics suggest a dark internal struggle. It opens as a piano ballad and segues into a pounding tune. “Another Day” is a frank and uninhibited lament against his mother’s passing and the struggle it has been to bounce back afterwards. These and other songs can be heard at reverbnation.com/sevencirclesunrise, and you can keep up with releases and updates on facebook.com/sevencirclesunrise.


Taking Control, Making Promise


Leopards are a progressive rock band from the UK. The group is made up of five members: lead singer Jenna, guitarists Ben and Craig, bassist Billy, and Rhys on the drums. They describe themselves as a mix of the intensity of alternative rock meets the catchiness of pop. Their self-titled debut was released in 2011, and now the band is producing new material with a full force. Their return is signaled with a new EP, Future ll Fate ll Forever.

This latest release has five new original songs and excitingly indicates their musical development. The upbeat “Take Control” serves as an empowering anthem. Trust and other relationship foundations are found as lyrical inspiration for the polished “Broken Family.” I would especially recommend “Promise Me,” which is infectiously memorable and showcases Jenna’s vocals beautifully. Information on the band’s content and show dates can be found on weareleopards.co.uk, and take your first listen of their music on reverbnation.com/weareleopards.


There’s Beauty Under The Mask

Wolf Colony

Wolf Colony is the collaborative effort of producer Neal Sarin and an anonymous singer-songwriter discreetly named Wolf. The two met at the University of Miami as students and created music together with no intention of pursuing it seriously. Now stationed in New York and Los Angeles, the duo continued their work together and released their first EP, Welcome To The Wild Side, and their debut album, Unmasked. Sarin’s euphoric pop is brought to life through Wolf’s hypnotizing lyrics and lush vocals; this organic synergy is embedded in the music.

To illustrate their sound, they are electronica infused with emotion, or even as alternative neo soul. “The One” is a funky, head bopping love song that is directed to the speaker’s other half. A monotone vocal on “Beauty” is contrasted by avant-garde lyrics that depict emotions of devotion and mythical references, including the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. Wolf’s vocal talent is showcased on “Dark & Moody,” a sensual track about a hypnotizing, irresistible relationship. For updates on their music, you can visit their website at wolfcolony.com, or follow them at reverbnation.com/wolfcolony.


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