RISEN From ReverbNation: Selections From The Aquarian Weekly’s Current Opportunities Campaign On ReverbNation.com – Week 2

Damnatio Ad Bestias

Lions Among Us

by Dean Scordilis

Pittsburgh metalcore band Lions Among Us have taken a sound that peaked five years ago and breathed new life into it. Coming from what can only be described as a bad place, the members of Lions Among Us dedicated themselves to spreading messages of hope and love through their music. This self-described Christian group has recorded with Josh Schroeder who is known for his work with The Color Morale, For Today, and For The Fallen Dreams. Performing under the motto “We Are The Revolution,” Lions Among Us have created a small, yet loyal following.

The standout track for Lions Among Us is “#sorrynotsorry,” featuring guest vocals from Gage Speas of To Speak Of Wolves. While it may be a standard metalcore track, the band transcends the norm with a burning passion and raw sincerity. You can find them at facebook.com/lionsamongus and reverbnation.com/lionsamongus.


Electric Waters

Revolution, I Love You

by Dean Scordilis

Revolution, I Love You are one part indie, one part synthpop, all parts rock. This Philadelphia-based group combines elements of Tame Impala and even some Beach Boys into their sound. Their song “The Atlantic Ocean” might contain the standard verse-chorus formula of most pop hits, but Revolution, I Love You prove that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make a standout tune. This track sees the band playing an upbeat summertime song, complete with crunchy bass, glitchy drum beats, dancey piano riffs, and a plethora of sonic textures. One of the best features of the song is the use of snaps and “ahs” to create a unique, heavily syncopated beat.

Members Rob Lingdren, Jeff Ormsby, and Jason Reynolds have seen numerous awards and praise for their work, and have even shared the stage with Brick + Mortar and Berlin. You can find them at facebook.com/revolutioniloveyou and reverbnation.com/revolutioniloveyou.


Signals In The Atmosphere

Pirate Signal

by Dean Scordilis

Pirate Signal are an alternative rock group from St. Louis, Missouri, incorporating several kinds of influences into their music; the atmospheric nature of Radiohead, the heavy grunge of Nirvana, and early post-hardcore akin to Sunny Day Real Estate and Fugazi. Possibly the band’s most compelling track, “Silver Tongue” sounds as if “Street Spirit” went to therapy and got over its teenage angst. The dark aura is still there, as well as the minor guitar runs, however, the latter half of the song introduces pure insanity in the form of masterful bass riffs, strained tenor vocals, and William Goldsmith-esque drum fills.

The band formed in 2012, and is composed of vocalist/guitarist Josh Halbower, keyboardist/guitarist Keith Kettmann, bassist/guitarist Nick Stergos, and drummer AJ Martka. You can find them at facebook.com/piratesignalmusic and reverbnation.com/piratesignalband.


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