RISEN From ReverbNation: Selections From The Aquarian Weekly’s Current Opportunities Campaign On ReverbNation.com – Week 6

Mystery In A Name


You might be unsure of what WD-HAN means; it’s an acronym for “We Don’t Have A Name.” While they may claim they don’t have a name, WD-HAN has a lot of heart to make up for it. This indie band from Clearwater, FL keeps their lyrics and music authentic and expressive. The trio is made up of vocalist Spencer Barnes, drummer Lea Campbell, and guitarist Cal Henry. They first connected in high school where they would jam and write together. Since then they have worked to produce music, and finally, their debut album, Kings Of Castles, was released last September.

“Shoot Me Down” personifies fate as a femme fatale. The song is complete with sassy guitar licks and Barnes’ raspy vocals. When discussing youth, there’s usually a lighthearted connotation, but “Young Again” validates the significance of young romance. The song also expresses how the relationship at hand makes it feel like the speaker is young once again. Reflecting on a broken family, “The Mystery” is sincere and heartbreaking. “Name In Lights” is ambitious and powerful. Starting off with a pounding guitar line, the track delves into a discussion about leaving behind the mundane workday and seeking a more glamorous situation. Listen to these and other songs from their album on reverbnation.com/wdhan and wdhan.com.


Chaos On The Battlefield

Guns Out At Sundown

Guns Out At Sundown are a metal band from Oakland, MD. They got their start in 2007 as LenorAstray, but things weren’t working out as planned. After a hiatus, a revamping, and many members coming and going, they decided to rename themselves and finally released their previously recorded debut, The Comfort In Chaos. The group’s current name reflects their hardcore musical style. Bringing the music to life is Nate O’Haver on vocals, Michael Dennis and Joseph Symons on guitar, Andrew Hill on bass, and Christopher Tepper on drums. Together they have released one full-length album and two EPs, most recently Battlefields.

Tracks off their debut portrayed to the audience just how intense they can be. On “Roses,” the lyrics are triggering, but it ends on an affirmative claim. “Heart Of Gold” is about truth and its tempo alternates between the choruses and verses. Their latest EP is wonderfully expansive, showcasing some of the band’s versatility. “Heart Be Still” is a rapid and heavy track about resilience. The beautifully fragile “Aryana” is a ballad that sheds light on their unfamiliar vulnerability. Hear the highlights of their music at reverbnation.com/gunsoutatsundown and keep up with updates and facebook.com/gunsoutatsundown.


Too Late For Farewell


Goodbyemotel (stylized as goodbyemotel) are an indie band who deliver a unique 4D live performance. Starting in Melbourne, Australia, the quintet have since relocated to Brooklyn. Their debut EP, People, was released in October of 2012. Afterwards, their first full-length, if, was released in 2014. For 2015 the band’s plans include touring in the USA and Australia. Considering their distinct live show, it is no surprise that their music blends elements of texture and atmosphere to bring their indie sound to life. Mix their ethereal sound with 3D visuals and film and you’ve got a full experience for audience members. But don’t write them off as a gimmick; their music exemplifies their abilities and talent.

Their hit single “Set It Off” off of People is a heartfelt discussion of life. The band’s newest release, if, shows development; they’ve added greater texture and musical ideas. “Mona Lisa” tugs at the wanderlust in your heart as it gives imagery of locations across the world. The upbeat “Too Late” features beautiful background vocals and tambourine. Mixing drums, guitar, and electronic synths, “Hurricane” is the quintessential track showcasing goodbyemotel’s marriage of musicality and innovation. Tour dates, news, and other information can be found at goodbyemotel.com and you can download their music at reverbnation.com/goodbyemotel.