2015 New Music Seminar: Platform For Platinum

As the music industry remains a myriad, people of all music-related interests and careers need an outlet for guidance, networking, and strategy. There are more aspects to music other than a CD with a mini poster tucked inside the album sleeve. From the first note strummed on an aspiring musician’s guitar, to their debut album release, there is a long road to be traveled. And it doesn’t even stop there; with every written song, there is the artist. With every artist, there will eventually be an assigned record label. With every record label, there will be the distributor. And with all this activity, comes the legality. How can one learn about all the ins and out? Cue The New Music Seminar.

The three-day event will run from June 21-23 in New York City and will cover all aspects of the industry. NMS is more so a guide to aspiring (and already involved) candidates in the music industry, with the intent to help them network and learn. They are doing so with the help of speakers, a variety of discussions, and nightly showcases featuring new artists.

All three days will include 100+ guest speakers. This is an opportunity to listen to those who have trail-blazed different paths in the industry. Others, have some of that advice —or that push—that you’ll need to hear. Some key speakers include Ian Allen, Jenna Andrews, Chris Atlas, Tony Brummel, Ziggy Chareton, and Richard Stumpf.

Ian Allen (VP Business & Legal Affairs Dept., Universal Music Group) has worked in A&R and produced music-related projects in the past. He currently works for the East Coast division of Universal Music Group which consists of Def Jam, Island, and Republic. Jenna Andrews (singer/songwriter) is working with artists like Lily Allen, Jennifer Lopez, and Cashmere Cat in the studio writing songs. She has toured with the likes of Nelly Furtado. Chris Atlas (Executive Vice President, Def Jam Recordings) has since the winter season been responsible for artists like Kanye West, Jhené Aiko, and Rick Ross. Tony Brummel (Founder, Victory Records) built his solely-owned company from the ground up. Ziggy Chareton (A&R Manager, Island Records) is the A&R dude. He worked his way up from just interning at Atlantic Records. Richard Stumpf (Founder/CEO, Atlas Music Publishing) is a seasoned figure in the industry who previously worked with some big names like Quincy Jones, The Who, and The Black Eyed Peas.

Along with the speakers, NMS will also have discussion blocks named “Movements.” These cover all aspects of the industry—guides about touring, music in advertising, songwriters, managers, A&R, independent labels, radio, and music publishing. No matter where your interest lies, NMS has you covered. These Movements run all three days with the help of the speakers conducting.

NMS partner Def Jam Recordings has put together an Artist Spotlight Series that includes four emerging artists from the label: Alessia Cara, Vince Staples, Elijah Blake, and Lil Durk. For three decades has Def Jam housed legendary musicians; see these few artists in their first stages of glory.

The main part of NMS is, well, the music! It wouldn’t be complete without some showcases and performances. The New Music Night will be held in Drom, Cake Shop, Pianos, and The Delancey on June 22 and 23. The opening night ceremony will be held in Webster Hall on Sunday, June 21, at 7:30 p.m. Many of the performers are also on the Artist On The Verge, Class Of 2015, who are selected by the NMS A&R committee. Some acts on the nightly schedule include SPZRKT, City Of The Sun, XNY, Phosphene, TWICEYOUNG, HIGHS, Lilly Wolf, and Dinner And A Suit.

SPZRKT (pronounced spazzy-rock) is a solo artist from Georgia, releasing highly acclaimed “Best Of Your Love,” laced with funky R&B melodies. City Of The Sun isn’t new to New York City, having performed packed shows at Rockwood Music Hall and The Bowery Electric. XNY is this fab rock duo from Brooklyn, Pam Autuori on guitar with her incredible vocals and Jacob Schreiber supporting on percussion. Quartet Phosphene hail from Chicago with as much pop metal as Cake Shop can shelter. About three years ago, Nashville’s indie band TWICEYOUNG sat to write what would soon become their debut EP, Little Mind Alike. Toronto’s HIGHS have a super busy summer ahead, but will make a stop for NMS at Pianos. New York natives Lilly Wolf are everything you need for a night of sinister synths. The Delancey will be housing Dinner And A Suit as they close out the music venue on June 23.

The Aquarian will also be providing a dropbox in the A&R Listening Room at NMS. Drop off your hard copies for a chance to be reviewed by our editors!

Since 1980, The New Music Seminar has been the haven for all things music. Starting out in New York City with just 200 people conversing in music-related business, it has remained the berth to keep doing so. Let us keep the tradition alive and fulfill music’s prospect—to live forever.


You can find out more information including tickets, registration, FAQ, and scheduling at newmusicseminar.com.