After recovering from one of the fastest summers of my life, I am happy to welcome the fall with open arms. The nights get a little cooler, the streets get a little less crowded, and more parking opens up down the shore (all of you shore folks, you know what I am saying here). Our local market is always hopping in the summertime, so sometimes it’s nice to have a “local summer” once September is in the air. There are a lot of things on the fall schedule already to look forward to including one of my favorites, Owel, opening up for Armor For Sleep at Starland Ballroom Friday, Sept. 18, Ronin opening up for Tremonti and Trivium, also at Starland Ballroom Sept. 23, and so much more. I also get to see my friends in The Front Bottoms jam at The Stone Pony with Bleachers, just to name a few. I love hearing of these awesome shows, bringing national acts and locals on the same stage.

That being said, it’s time to get down with some talent that is on my radar as of late. This week, I am going to focus on a band that I have been seeing pop up all over social media from various outlets, including Jersey Rock and other press stops. I have been hearing their name tossed around for a few months now actually, I just have yet to take the time and examine the product. That being said, it was worth the wait. Let’s talk about a band called Long Faces.

Founded in the dark ages of September 2014, Long Faces are an “Indie/Omni-Rock/Psycho-Pop” piece with members Mike Condon, Mike Neglia, Lou Panico, and Andy Milea. When I first heard them, I thought many things, but I will break down the process for you now. The first thing I enjoyed here were the lyrics. Before anything, I was enthralled by the appealing lyrics here. I am not sure who does all of the writing for the band, but the content will stick with you; it’s true, it’s raw, and it’s riveting. For example, check out a song called “Old Friends.” I am sure there is something many of you can relate to here, because it’s a beautiful, thought-out piece of music. It may sound weird to say, but it’s almost as if their tracks are poetic in some shape or form. Next, just because you have good songs doesn’t always mean you have talent. In this case, though, Long Faces have the whole package.

Their sound and style reminds me a little bit of a blend of Young The Giant and Bear Hands. Ironically enough, they even cited Young The Giant as one of their influences, before I even checked out their page. Their sound is a perfect blend of flawless talent and musical passion, for it’s evident in their songs.

Another track I recommend you add to your list is called “Leave It There,” because it showcases just how individually talented each member of the band is aside from doing it as a whole. The vocals are impeccable; I am almost trying to look for something wrong, and I can’t find it here. Also check out “Bad Blood” (not the Taylor Swift version); I have a feeling this one could be an anthem for many individuals and situations they have encountered throughout the years.

I am eagerly waiting to see Long Faces live, because I have a feeling I will have anything but a long face. I am a fan based off of recordings, so I know their live set will also blow me away. If you want to learn more about Long Faces, access their music and tour dates, and just tell them how much Maria was boasting about them (I would greatly appreciate it), be sure to head on over to their Facebook page at They also have an official website where you can check out videos, stream their music, and find out about exclusive content over at I really love this band, and cannot wait to get to know them further. All of the press I have been seeing is justified, and these guys are well on their way.

I will be back next week with some more tunes to jam to. In the meantime, keep on sending me your stuff—you know where to find me! Cheers!

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  1. Nancy Aughtry

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Long Faces IS the whole package! I had the pleasure of catching them at The Saint last month…… Very Talented!


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