Full Devil Jacket: Valley Of Bones

After a 12-year hiatus, Full Devil Jacket are back with their latest album, Valley Of Bones. The alternative rock band first formed in 1997 after meeting at a tattoo shop in Jackson, Tennessee. The group went by the name Voodoo Hippies before signing to Island/Def Jam Records. They then went on to tour with countless big name artists like Creed, Nickleback and Slipknot.

Lead singer Josh Brown quit after narrowly missing death when he overdosed while on tour. In 2010, the band came together for a benefit concert for bandmate Michael Reaves, who was battling cancer at the time. After his passing, they decided to formally reunite. After signing a deal with eOne Music in 2015, Valley Of Bones was released in March thanks to the contribution of dedicated fans who helped fund the album through a Kickstarter campaign.

            The album opens with “Killers,” a song about an addict who realizes he’s trapped in his sickness and wants to escape but can’t help himself from relying on the drugs to get by. The title-track “Valley Of Bones” captures the feelings and realizations of starting over after the end of a rocky relationship. “We Got The Love” is upbeat and the perfect track to cruise to on a warm, summer night.

Valley Of Bones showcases the band’s talent and versatility with a variety of songs. Whether it’s a hard track like “Blood Of The Innocent” or more melodic like “Paper Crown,” they consistently deliver. Honest lyrics, strong vocals and killer guitar riffs make this album worthy of constant rotation.

Full Devil Jacket prove they are ready to reclaim the spot they held over a decade ago. Recently touring with Hinder this year, the group continues to attract both old and new fans. With an album like Valley Of Bones, there’s no doubt this band will be everywhere within the distant future.

In A Word: Versatile