Maria’s Local Radar: Above The Moon

Each week I check my email in hopes that I will find some new music that grabs my attention, noteworthy of dedicating the Local Radar to. This week, it has happened once again! Local acts submitting music to our website has brought me to this place; a place of happiness and fan syndrome. A band that goes by the name of Above The Moon recently reached out, and their stuff landed in the right hands. They have just released a new EP, but first off, I want you all to get to know them a little better incase this is your first time interacting with their sound. So, without further hesitation, let’s chat about my band of the week, Above The Moon (not to be mistaken with Walk The Moon, as they are ABOVE it). See what I did there? Sorry, I digress, let’s proceed.

Above The Moon, in their own words, are a “female-fronted four-piece band that melds indie pop melodies with an alternative edge…” Upon that description alone, doesn’t that grab you by the neck? (Don’t worry, not in a painful way.) They are indeed from the great state of New Jersey, and they each pull from their personal influences to create something original, fresh, and yearning to be heard. Their debut EP is out now, and I must say, it’s hard to believe this is the first time they have released something together. It’s extremely polished, intelligent, and catchy, to say the least.

Compacted of four tracks, all diverse and eclectic, it is hard to pick a favorite song (good thing no one has asked me to). It starts off with a track called “Coat,” which showcases the talented lead vocals along with amazing drumming. I tied this track into the EP because of the album art; it sets a scene of a cold, dreary season, and naturally, you need a coat! I think this track was a perfect selection for an album opener, because it strongly proves just how blended their “genre” of music is.

Next on the EP is a track called “Easy,” which is completely different on many levels. I think out of all of the tracks, I respect the lyrics the most on this one. Take a listen and you will see why; I think many people could relate to this one on a personal level of some sort, applying it to specific relationships and situations. No need to get sappy, I just interpret it that way. Also being slightly more up-tempo, you may find yourself waving your sweater around your head and dancing like a fool (or, you may not, if you aren’t me). I highly suggest you check this track out; it will leave a lasting impression on just how talented this group actually is. Short, to the point, and ear grabbing!

While you are at it, check out the remaining tracks on the EP, because every song is a standout, and you will not find anything repetitive on here by any means. Judging by their recordings, I can already tell I want to see Above The Moon live in a club. If you want to join me and dance in the crowd, you should head on over to their official website at Over there, you will also find their new EP, tour dates, a biography, photos, and basically everything you could ever want from a band. They are also active on social media, sharing photos from shows and song clips, so give them a like and tell them Maria sent you. Above The Moon are on my bands to watch list for 2016, in more ways than one. I think this EP will pave the way for them in this market, as I don’t hear any other bands like them out right now. Kudos for grabbing my attention, and keep up the good work!

I will be back next week with another local act to tickle your fancy, so keep on sending those submissions! See you then, same time, same place, same channel.