Shoreworld: TV Tramps; APYC And Langosta Lounge

Inspector 7 Signs On Joy Vay From The TV Tramps

Inspector 7 is down in Mexico to kick off their second Mexican tour. This multiple-night extravaganza starts in Mexico City and ends at “Ska Wars” in Cuautitlan, which is expected to draw a crowd of over 2,000 punks and skins who have been patiently awaiting their return since last year.

Joy will be lending her signature powerhouse vocals to the band for their latest tour dates south of the border. Joy Vay, singer and rhythm guitarist of NJ punk band TV Tramps, lends her pipes to former Little Dickman Record labelmates Inspecter 7 as crooner Guisseppe Mancini’s sidekick for their second Mexico tour.

TV Tramps are also part of the Little Dickman label group and have benefitted from that relationship by way of distribution, interviews and even a SXSW tour or two. One of those tours included performances alongside the infamous Cheetah Chrome at The Spider House Ballroom.

TV Tramps is a four-piece punk band with Asbury Park and New Brunswick roots, heavily influenced by 1977 classic punk as well as rockabilly, soul, garage and Riot Grrl-era rock. With frontwoman Joy Vay on rhythm guitar, Brian Sugent on lead, Matt Guzda on drums, and Claude Coleman, Jr. (Amandla, Eagles Of Death Metal, Ween) on bass, one can expect nothing short of history in the making.

Since 2010, the band has been on top of the local music scene with their loud yet catchy and irreverent tunes that stick to your brain like gum on the bottom of your new TUK creepers. Their live shows are high energy and straight to the point and with songs so tasty you’d think they were covers, TVT leaves you wanting more and remembering why you love bands like The Dead Boys, The Ramones and The Lunachicks. Because their music grabbed you by the balls and wouldn’t let go till the last note.         Not only did TV Tramps get the opportunity to open up for The Avengers for their first show ever in 2010, but over the past five years they’ve played numerous venues like The Knitting Factory, The Mercury Lounge and The Stone Pony, as well as shared the stage with such acts as Youth Brigade, Jim Jones Revue, Pure Hell, Texas Terri Bomb, Michale Graves (Misfits), Dez Cadena (Misfits, Black Flag), The Vibrators, The Zounds, The Rezillos, Jello Biafra and Berlin. They even had the opportunity of opening up for punk legends Naked Raygun at the 2011 Lollapalooza after-party at The Cobra Lounge in Chicago.

The band may be on a quick hiatus while Joy is in Mexico, but they are scheduled to once again hit the road and finish their record as soon as she gets back. If you get off on the influential genres of 1977 punk, rockabilly, ’50s doo-wop, classic American pop and rock ‘n’ roll, post punk, new wave, late ’80s and ’90s alternative and garage, you are gonna love the TV Tramps.

For more on TV Tramps head over to their site at facebook/tvtramps for the complete skinny on this real deal rock and roll outfit.


APYC And Langosta Lounge – Second Ave And The Sea

Speaking of Little Dickman, they will be presenting Sharkmuffin on Friday, March 4, and then Saturday, March 5, will see the performance of Moon Motel and Courtney Meltzer courtesy of Speak Into My Good Eye.

Langosta Lounge and the Asbury Park Yacht Club are headed by none other than Pete Mantis. Mantis is one of the original guys in town. He got his start back in the early ’90s when he, along with manager Scott Stamper, ran the Golden T-Bird Awards at T-Birds in Asbury Park. Since the early decade, Pete Mantis has been instrumental in bringing free shows to a city obsessed with cover charges, and he’s scoring big results with his methods.

Mantis has been instrumental in bringing great original music to both Langosta Lounge and now the newer Asbury Park Yacht Club. I’ve seen hot locals such as The Battery Electric all the way to Pat DiNizio from The Smithereens there and it’s never a dull moment. Mantis combines cutting-edge music with compact venue space to bring us some of the best in-your-face music shows around.

His continued involvement in town ensures that Asbury Park will always have the best acts at a very viewable venue space. Shows this week at Langosta Lounge include Leo Bud Welch and Stringbean on March 4 and the Steve Reilly Band on the 5th. The Asbury Live Brunch show on Sunday will include Shimmering Strings. Other noteworthy Langosta shows for the month include Quincy Mumford And The Reason Why on March 11, Billy Hector’s Electric Explosion on March 18, Stringbean on March 28 and Jet Weston And His Atomic Ranch Hands on April 8.

Langosta is also famous for its many exotic drinks and beers as well as a great menu of food items. If you want food and you happen to be at the Yacht Club, it is available there as well along with a bevy of alcohol-based refreshments.

Be sure to stop and say hi to Pete Mantis; he’ll be the guy in the white dinner shirt running all over the place taking care of any number of details for the night.

For more information on Langosta Lounge and The Asbury Park Yacht Club, head over to and