Maria’s Local Radar: Matty Carlock

Music is a huge part of my life, as is this column. It is a pleasure to spotlight local talent week to week, bringing emerging artists into the spotlight. Therefore, I will continue to do my due diligence and get to each band, one week at a time. Over the past few weeks, I have received a lot more submissions, music, and notes! It appears a lot of you are starting to release EPs and full-lengths as opposed to just singles, which is great for people like me (it gives some more content to review).

This week, I am going to spotlight a local artist named Matty Carlock. You may already know him though, as he is no stranger to the scene. He is the former frontman of the New Jersey hardcore band Back And Forth, who have been featured in my column in the past! So, this is exciting stuff; a new solo project, all new music, and a new fan base to attack. That being said, let us embellish on his journey to become a solo artist!

Matty Carlock’s debut record, Loveless, has just been released, and the parts of it I have heard are simply amazing. He hails from Middletown, New Jersey, a town that I have found a lot of cool talent from. He also just recently released a music video for a track off the record called “Rest Stops,” which you can find now on This song may be my favorite on the record, for many reasons. One, the video is amazing, but even aside from the visual; it’s the audio that is intriguing. I love the lyrics on this track; it really hits home. I think if many of you take a listen to this track, you will see what I mean. Packed with amazing drumming and guitars, this song is compacted perfectly. I am glad he chose this as a single off the record, as I think it really sums up just how talented he really is. His vocals leave you wanting more; that is always a good sign, especially when it’s your first time hearing him in this genre.

Matty’s debut single, however, “Meet Me On The Parkway,” is the track that had initially brought him to my attention. It has a slower, more-mellow vibe, with harmonicas and a solemn tone. His vocal range is impeccable on this track, and the video is beautiful. It really allows you to look him in the eyes and fall into the song. It’s so hard to imagine him ever being in a hardcore group! It just goes to show how multi-talented Matty really is. It appears as if he has been doing this forever; he is comfortable, confident, and aware of his style and audience. I could compare him to a lot of cool singer/songwriters, but I have to say, he has his own identity, and he owns it. Plus, all of us Jersey folks can relate to meeting people on the Parkway, right? Well, when there isn’t that summer traffic!

I highly recommend you all purchase Matty Carlock’s new record, Loveless, available now through his official website and on social media. If you are looking for something fresh, innovative, and just straight-up talent, Matty is the artist for you. I can see him dominating this market on his solo mission, pleasing old and new fans, while captivating an entirely new audience. I have just recently purchased the whole record, so we will have to touch base again in a few weeks when I review the album as a whole.

For now, check out Matty on Facebook at You can also visit his official website at It can only go up from here, so best of luck on the new career!

See you all next week.