The Raven Age: Dawn Of The Raven

The Raven Age is creating quite a buzz in the metal community.

After its self-titled 2014 EP performed well on the charts, the UK-based band has been touring hard in Europe, including opening slots for Mastodon and Gojira.

The group, which purveys a heavy, modern metal sound with melodic tones, features guitarist George Harris, the son of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.

On March 14, The Raven Age released its first music video, for the track “Angel in Disgrace,” which appears on the EP.

“It was filmed in England in a church,” said George Harris. “It turned out great; we’re really happy about it.”

Currently, The Raven Age can be found supporting Iron Maiden on The Book of Souls world tour.

For a young band, the experience of playing to massive crowds opening for Maiden is an exhilarating experience, said Harris.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” he remarked. “The scale of these shows is ridiculous.”

The Raven Age was formed in 2009 by Harris and fellow guitarist Dan Wright, who both handle the band’s songwriting. Bassist Matt Cox, vocalist Michael Burrough and drummer Jai Patel round out the lineup.

The Book of Souls tour will give The Raven Age the chance to play its first-ever shows in the United States, including an appearance at Madison Square Garden on March 30.

“Playing with Maiden at Madison Square Garden is a pretty big achievement,” stated Harris.

Not many musical artists get to tour the world with their dear old dad, but for Harris, the trek with Maiden offers some family bonding time.

“To get to spend so much time together is a bonus,” George said of his father. “He’s at the side of the stage watching us every night.”

The elder Harris also provides the fledgling group with valuable feedback.

“He tells us when we’re good, and tells us when we’re not,” George said with a laugh. “I’m really enjoying being on the road with him.”

The Raven Age is putting the finishing touches on its first full-length album, which is expected to surface later this year.

“We’re really excited for our fans to hear some new music,” said Harris.