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I am so disappointed. I was rooting so hard for Bernie Sanders to be competitive before New Jersey voted, but he is getting slaughtered and there is no way he can win this. Reading this column is very depressing, and sadly, true (MADAM SHOO-IN—THE SEQUEL—Issue: 3/23/16). This is why I hate politics and politicians. Makes me want to go out and cast a protest vote for Trump, because, as you have written, he is our grenade. Who the hell knows what this maniac is capable of, but it is not the same-old-crap!




Well said, my friend. Once again Madame Shoo-In has shown that ideas do not win elections, neither do voters. It is pure political machines that carry the day. Hillary has the organization and the super delegates to send Bernie back to Vermont wondering what the hell just happened.

As for Trump, I don’t see the negatives as you do. The guy is getting more votes than Hillary in the primaries. The only people who don’t like Trump are in one of two camps. You either hate Trump because you are being paid to hate Trump or you are an ideological conservative who longs for the days of a Pre-2016 Party Purity thing and don’t realize that you are about to be run over by the Trump Train.

People are saying they didn’t see the whole Trump thing coming. If they get paid to write about politics and they didn’t see Trump coming on like this, they need to send their pay back to their employer. Anyone who seriously studies politics should have seen this coming. Think about it, the party has shoved one linguini-spined RINO after another down our throats. We are told for the sake of the Party, we need to support Dole McRomney. They tell us to support their “conservative” candidates who once elected deny ever being conservative to begin with. In 2010, we were told give us the House and we will repeal ObamaCare. They get the House, nothing happened. In 2014, they said give us the Senate and we will repeal ObamaCare and stop Obama’s Executive Orders. Not only did they not stop the Executive Orders, in the 2015 budget battle they surrendered and ObamaCare was fully funded. At that point, people were done. They were fuming and wanted a piece of McConnell and Weepy Ass Boehner’s hide.

Along comes Donald Trump. A billionaire who needs no money from the Establishment, who is speaking directly to the people with words we have been longing to hear in a way we have been waiting to hear them. Here comes Donald Trump, a man not afraid of the Fourth Estate and tells them where to go completely fearlessly. A businessman with money to spend and a skyline to point to as an accomplishment. I truly believe the only people who didn’t see Trump coming were ones so bound by preconceived notions of what a campaign should be that they never opened their eyes to the rapidly pissed off and changing political landscape.



—Bill Roberts


What is the point of Hillary, really? Someone tell me. Maybe she can? Could she tell us why she should be president besides she is the adult in the room? Is this where we’ve fallen to—I’m not an idiot, vote for me? I am not a socialist or racist or religious nut? Vote for me!

I think Clinton is the one candidate left in this thing who has serious party affiliations and a history that can be counted on to continue business as usual. The other interesting but horrifying thing about her is she was rejected roundly for representing the same tired Democratic nonsense eight years ago, so she ferments like wine and comes back for more? You hated me last time, but you’ll dig this version—older, more out of touch and with the stench of defeat on me. Yeah! Where do I sign up?

Look, I am going to vote for Hillary like all those phonies who said they’d never vote for Trump will line up and do it. That’s right, line up you little doggies, time to eat the chow and get in line and do what you’re told. Eat shit like nice little piggies! Talk all you want, but when it comes time to lie down, you’ll vote for me. Do it!

And I will.

Damn it!


—Oswald Says No


She’s going to have a stroke … any week now. Not fatal but incapacitating. The DNC will also have a stroke—unable to figure out what to do without their establishment figurehead.


—Vincent Czyz


Man, that is some excellent debate execution. (THE GREAT REPUBLICAN LIE ON ABORTION—Issue—4/6/16) I am going to frame that damn thing. Wow. I seriously have never thought about any of that until first Trump blurted it out and second, since you had the balls to write it. Of course the woman having an abortion is the murderer and should be tried as one (assuming you believe it murder). How do the Republicans get away with merely attacking clinics and doctors? Aren’t these the same assholes who defend companies who pollute our river and big corporations against middling lawsuits and want tort reform? They want to blame an institution for the decisions of a citizen?

Bingo, my man! You rule!


—Brandon Wright III


I am appalled at the utter lack of compassion in this column. You are a complete jackass. Maybe you should have been aborted.




You are a sick man and should be sent to a sanatorium.

I’ll visit you.





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