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It is hard to believe that Hillary Clinton is still fending off a 74-year-old socialist senator from one of the smallest states in the union. (WHY BERNIE SANDERS MATTERS—Issue: 6/1/16) This is why Bernie Sanders matters—he’s still here! And I fear he is not going anywhere before, during or after the convention in July. This thing he has created is beyond his control now. It’s like Trump in so many ways; most of it is his persona, his anti-establishment ring, but a greater portion is the fed-up nature of the majority of the electorate who believes strongly that things are shit. Something like seven or eight out of ten Americans now consider the government a stagnant wasteland of corruption and misguided ridiculousness.

Sanders matters because there is a sincerity to him that no one has been able to match; absolutely not Trump, who does appear like a con-man when compared to Sanders. I am not a progressive and despite voting for Obama in 2008, I got off the bandwagon shortly afterwards. But Sanders is a true candidate that believes his rhetoric and makes Hillary and Trump look like cold, calculating opportunists.

Politics aside, with the two leading candidates being as untrustworthy as any we have ever polled, Bernie Sanders is the real deal. This is what America is truly hungry for and why the idealistic nature of young and new voters attracted to the cause are drawn to him. It is a shame he will be cast aside as an historical footnote, but historical nonetheless!


—Amanda Petrel


I don’t know, man. The OIG report is smelling a little smoky, this might pierce the Clinton Teflon armor. If that report goes all the way, this election will be a real kerfuffle.

Either way, I’m inspired to read the whole 83-page deal, without the media lens.


—Doc Slater


I’ll tell you why this is a great column, and continues to be week after friggin’ week, because it never fails to see the grander point to many of the stories of our day. You are so spot-on here it is frightening. Sanders absolutely matters, because he is our hero, speaking truth to power and not through hate or fear but an uplifting message of the collective; it is inspiring and revolutionary. It brings to mind what politics could be if put into the right hands. I applaud Bernie Sanders fight and for your articulating its purpose and meaning.


—Jerry Cohen


Let me just say that Bernie Sanders is completely insane and has zero chance of ever heading a major political party. I think Donald Trump’s chances are far better in not only his personality but his anti-establishment stance. Sanders had been in politics and government for decades. What the hell is he talking about?? He’s the problem NOT the solution! Holy crap. Only Trump can truly make a difference. Love him or hate him at least we have to agree on that!


—Peter LL222


Thank you for pointing out that the two big frauds of this election season, Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump, throw around the word “rigged” as if it is actually happening and not their handy dandy excuse for things not going their way. Hillary Clinton, for all of her faults and all of her shortcomings as a candidate and everything that pisses off the electorate about her entrenched establishment credentials, beat Bernie fair and square, and pretty decisively for that matter. And if there is anything “rigged” it is the caucus system, where ironically for Bernie cleaned up and never once pointed out is vague and shadowy and undemocratic. And Trump cries like a baby every time things don’t go his way, whether the debates, media coverage, people actually quoting him verbatim and then he contradicts this with additional half-assed bullshit reasoning.

Hopefully this country will get over its delusion on who is qualified for the presidency and choose the correct candidate and not be snowed by these childish antics.




Mr. Campion,

It was an honor to read this beautifully worded piece on the passing of Muhammad Ali. (MUHAMMAD ALI—1942 – 2016—Issue: 6/15/16) I would say Ali more than anyone transcended sport and used his personal story, his faith, his beliefs, and his incredible talent for communication for good, or at least what he felt was just. This is not only rare in athletes or young men in general, because they tend to be self-centered and egotistical (which of course Ali was too) and not care a lick about the world around them, but it has never, in my humble opinion, been repeated.

I have read many tributes to the Greatest and I like yours right up there.


—Jason Rendell


Thanx for pointing out Ali’s faults as well as his positives. There was never anything boring about him, whether you rooted for him or not. He was bigger than sport and in many ways embodied the spirit of America better than any politician or statesman. He was an original. He will be missed.




Very nice, James. You’re like a fine wine, getting better with age.


—Bo Blaze


Great tribute. Great column. Worthy of the Greatest.

Punk stuff: He became the first boxer to lose and then win the world HEAVYWEIGHT title three times. The real Sugar Ray (Robinson) won and lost the middleweight title four or five times, I think but at least three. And there were probably others (Carmen Basilio, Joey Giardello maybe) who won a world title three times before Ali came along—but that’s nothing.

This is very, very well written and beautifully balanced—and thank you a hundred times over for calling him out on what he did to Joe Frazier, a great champion and a great and courageous man in his own right.


—Vincent Czyz



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