Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

Mr. Campion,

If ever in this time of bizarre and idiotic, criminal and blatantly megalomaniacal candidates for president a voice like this is needed it is now! (Scott Garrett Needs An Ass Kicking – Issue: 10/26/16) I applaud your nerve and verve and all those things in taking on your local congressman, regardless of political affiliation or ideology. It is time citizens stand up to bully assholes like Donald Trump or lifers like Hillary Clinton. I think this campaign season is so depressing. I have no interest in either of these national candidates. They both suck and everyone seems to hate them and to read about something else, something more grassroots and with such passion and humor was a godsend. I think you are the best commentator of politics out there. I want you to be on one of these asinine TV talk shows or on the radio to teach them all a lesson, but that would lower your worth. Keep independent! Keep blogging and column writing and all those things from the outside. We need you now more than ever.

Again, I say, bravo!


—Adam Natera


Reporting you to the NJ State Police for your violent threats and vandalism. You should be in jail.


—Gerhard Jelinek


I thought this was a complete joke until I read something on Politico about two days after it hit the newsstands and apparently you MEANT IT! I love this! What balls! Where can I sign up to watch this fight? Garrett is a total dweeb and of course a racist and anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-first-responders (That’s right, this guy voted time and again, even when shamed on national television, against providing extended health coverage to first responders of 9/11! Never mind an ass kicking, he needs to go to hell!)

I think more journalists or whatever you call yourself should get into the fray like this. Enough standing on the lines reporting as if none of this actually matters. We’re soon going to be faced with a Hillary Clinton or for the Christ’s sake, Donald fucking Trump as president! When are people going to wise up and stop bashing the press and demand a more forceful, honest and ballsy press!

I say start with James Campion!!


When I read that Garrett voted against first responders getting treatment for cancer I wanted to kick his ass too. Good for you.




If that Politico piece is correct and this man removed his name from a caucus because it had a gay member, what else can you call him but a bigot? Glad someone had the guts to finally put this in print and make him defend it.


—Humpta D.


What the hell is the matter with you? Who writes this and publishes it?? The Aquarian Weekly should be ashamed. I cannot believe anyone would seriously think these things, much less write them. You are a despicable human being and I think should never be allowed to express an opinion again. It is foul language and bully tactics like this that allows a shameful celebrity idiot like Donald Trump to besmirch a campaign for president. I rue the day we are forced to live in the filth and listen to morons like you and that orange-haired monkey jack ass like Trump to tweet their hatred and vitriol.

I feel terribly for Scott Garrett and his family that they have to put up with this nonsense. Why would anyone want to serve in office with mean-spirited commentators like you around?


—Beverly Hufft


A Most Splendid and Succinct rebuttal to an otherwise idiotic, shameless, ignorant “crybaby” hiding under the guise of an adult! (SCOTT GARRETT’S INTIMIDATION MACHINE VERSUS ME – Issue: 11/2/16)

Well done, my son.


This is hilarious, Campion! You now have the national press and the cops and a congressman after you! A triumph in media mogul-ism! Are people now just totally off the wagon on what is real or not? Has this fantasy-land that the national presidential campaign wrought with its allegations and accusations and mud-slinging and almost everything Trump says or tweets being out-and-out fabrications dumbed us to the point where a congressman’s campaign has taken satirical commentary and blown it up into an actual threat?

What a country! I say! What a country!


—A Molano


Can I be your corner man?


—Vincent Czyz


So let me get this straight: a congressman of the United States is using the local police to intimidate a weekly columnist for a rock and roll paper and now it is affecting a local election? We are now through a looking glass that no one has stepped through EVER.

Thank you for leading us through it, Alice. You are a nut, but a welcomed one.


—SCOTT GARRETT (not that one)


My entire life I have wanted to do what you are doing. I am proud to read this column every week and receive a catharsis from what is happening in the mainstream media. How they allow Hillary Clinton to go months without a press conference or Trump to continue to say things like crime is up in New York (it is down), there are millions crossing the border (border security has never been tighter nor has there been more illegal aliens deported than the present), or say that a national election is rigged is an abomination. I only wish that this local campaign in which you have thrown yourself in is an example to all those that to allow villains like Garrett to continue to mar our great nation and these abysmal candidates for president continue to make a mockery of democracy.


—Laura TT


You are an asshole. But you are one funny asshole, so that’s okay. And let’s face it, you are fucking this whole congressional election season up, so I have to say, mission accomplished.



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