Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

This article should be called what lawyers can teach us about national illusions. (“ALTERNATIVE FACTS” – Issue: 2/4/17) Have you never talked to any, read briefs or heard closing arguments in a trial? We are highly skilled at providing “alternate facts” or perceptions thereof to suit our clients’ needs and the media has become equally adept. Can you really blame anyone else from trying when it’s so profoundly embedded in human nature and society? So maybe that speaks to your point. But where was this article when the queen of alternate facts herself, Hillary Clinton, assured the families of those killed in Benghazi that the attack wasn’t by terrorists but because of some video? Where was this article when Obama promised the American public that we could keep our doctors and save money with the ACA? Talk about alternate facts! It’s no coincidence that both are lawyers. In any case unless you find fault with or neutrally discuss both sides, your article is nothing but an alternate fact itself. Ha!


—Elizabeth Vengen, Esq.


Okay, so this may be your finest work in our most imperative hour of need.

What is going to happen and is happening rapidly now after only a few weeks of this Trump nightmare is his loose affiliation with facts and his “kind of sort of” listening to something someone told him and blurting it out from the primacy of the bully pulpit of the presidency for the entire world to hear. It is this complete disregard for fact and reality that will be the true downfall of this republic as we know it. Unless James Campion and those like him hit him and take his media-whore cronies to task.

At some point these blatant lies or “alternative facts” must cease, no? I mean, how stupid are we? And I do not ask that rhetorically. How stupid can we possibly get if we continue to allow this nonsense to continue without calling him and them on it?

I think that will be the grand experiment of this bizarre administration? How much can they get away with that courts will only be able to stop? Who will stand on that wall and say, once and for all, and without some weird TEA Party affiliation; DON’T READ ON ME!!!

Keep fighting the good fight and keep that bullshit meter on high.

This is going to be a long four years.


—Allison P.


This is a good one, promote it, might get lot of attention. By the way, just so I know, is douche the Spanish or English pronunciation? I like the mixed media version of Spanish English.


—Bo Blaze


You are so right. I much preferred when the biased liberal media gave us their version of the news and then gave us the added bonus of telling us what to think about it.



—Bill Roberts

Conservatively Speaking


This may be your best column ever—it is as far as I am concerned. There’s a great deal in here to admire, from the actual content to the writing itself, and the last line should be preserved under glass somewhere.


—Vincent Czyz


PS: The “charge” up San Juan “Hill” (it was a slope) kind of sort of happened (without horses, etc.), but not as anyone imagines it—and it’s not worth quibbling over.



I learn more from this column weekly than any crap on the news, the web, certainly those dunces in the White House or Congress. You are brilliant.




Man, do we ever need James Campion right now. This column proves it. So forcefully argued and so well-reasoned. It is a marvel. You, sir, are what America is about. Maybe that is what Trump meant about making America great again. He would be such a monster he would bring the best out of us, show our true colors as citizenry to stand up to his bully tactics of intimidation and bluster and lies. Trump is like the human 9/11, a tragedy so appalling, so traumatic it would bring a city and nation together like never before.

It starts with Reality Check. Yes it does.


—Council For True American Might & Freedom


Why not? (SORRY, NO DO-OVERS – iSSUE: 2/11/17) Didn’t our idiot president say the whole thing is rigged?

I don’t think Donald Trump is stupid or corrupt or racist. He is fucking insane. He is our first truly mad president. Years from now this will be one of those things, like Prohibition, or McCarthyism or Viet Nam that everyone will say, “How the fuck did that happen? Who was asleep at the wheel for that whole time? This loon was president?”

On a daily basis this guy is a living, breathing example of true craziness. Millions pouring over the border weekly? Nope. ISIS in 32 countries? Nope. Hundreds shot in the streets in our cities every day? Nope. More trade deficit than ever before? Nope. Weak military? Nope. It’s like watching a movie inside a mental institution in which everyone just ignores the fact that the guy in charge is drooling on himself and just nods to not try and rile him further. And some people are so desperate and stupid they put him in charge.

I am not sure Trump realizes he even won. He’s still tweeting about voter fraud and holding campaign rallies. Is he even aware that his name is Donald Trump and this isn’t a TV show?

What did we do, those of us who aren’t complete morons, to deserve this embarrassment?

Does anyone think this guy could pass a first-grade history exam or has a fucking clue what is happening outside his illusion bubble?

This is both fascinating and frightening and deplorable. I CANNOT wait until the next election when no one will be able to scramble around trying to frame what constitutes the level of intellect, compassion and credentials to become president of the United States with this knuckle-dragging, monosyllabic idiot in office.





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James Campion is the Managing Editor of The Reality Check News & Information Desk and the author of “Deep Tank Jersey”, “Fear No Art”, “Trailing Jesus”, “Midnight For Cinderella” and “Y”. His new book, “Shout It Out Loud – The Story of KISS’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon” out now!