Inked Out: Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry And Design

A couple of weekends ago, my band, Rahway, opened for the emotionally distraught Puddle of Mudd at an awesome new music venue in Easton, PA called One Centre Square. I had already heard about this kick-ass tattoo shop in the historic town of Easton called Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry and Design through a friend. So, I figured while I was up there, I might as well go over and check it out. After the band’s early load-in, I had a few hours to kill before our set, so I drove over to 3655 William Penn Highway to check this place out.

We pulled up to what looked like a house. At first, I thought we were at the wrong place until I spotted the sign on the front door. We parked and walked into an incredibly decorated waiting room with a red accent wall boasting awards as well as other art and a doorway that separated the next room with an iron gate supporting a red letter “A” standing for Amaryllis. Behind the gate was where the magic happened, as you can easily hear the buzzing from the waiting room. It was that buzzing that gives you the itch to get more ink.

We were greeted by a woman named Karin, who turned out to be one of the co-owners. Karin told us that she opened Amaryllis with her husband and head tattoo artist, Tattoo Chris, who has 14-plus years under his belt in the tattoo industry. Karin said that Chris is a “dedicated professional and a great many pieces he takes on today are cover-up projects.” He’s also known for his ability to make the tattoo experience an enjoyable one and will turn your idea into something his client will love. At the time of our visit Chris was in deep with a client, so we didn’t get a chance to even meet him, but his artwork was definitely on a level that would want to make me come here.

Speaking of…I asked Karin, “What would make me want to come here if I was shopping for a new tattoo shop?” She responded, “Amaryllis stands out as an exceptionally friendly, honest, and client-focused tattooing experience in a professional and welcoming environment. Whether it’s your first piece or your thousandth piece, our artists have experience to accommodate the connoisseur and the patience and knowledge to spend time walking the first-time novice through the process from start to finish.” That might have been the best answer I received in the 10 years that I’ve been writing this column.

Joining Chris at Amaryllis is another artist named Jason Eastwick. According to Karin, Jason landed on their doorstep back in March 2016 and they couldn’t be happier to have an artist of his caliber at their shop. She said, “Jay is great with clients and makes everyone feel comfortable and important.” He considers his style to be illustrative and actually enjoys that style most. If you have an elaborate idea in mind, Jay will make it reality. Though, he’ll never scoff at the smaller pieces either. To him all pieces are special. Jay has been tattooing for nine-plus years, and has become an amazing artist.

Amaryllis claims they are extensively experienced in cover-ups and all styles of designs, and they will take the time to go over every option available to their clientele. Karin told us the shop prided itself on its cleanliness and sterilization, which are above and beyond state standards. Their professional décor and friendly and welcome environment for all keep their current clientele coming back for more. There are full private tattoo rooms available. Amaryllis also offers permanent makeup services administered by a licensed aesthetician, but they don’t offer body piercing.

Since the shop has been busy, it is hard for them to take any walk-ins, therefore an appointment for tattoo work at Amaryllis is needed. Appointments, consultations or cover-up evaluation can be made by calling the shop at (610) 393-7949. They do not quote prices via email, messaging or phone. Karin says that they can only price pieces accurately in person in the studio. So, unless you are in or around the Easton area, this may be a little inconvenient for you. There’s also a $25 non-refundable deposit required for all appointments scheduled.

When I asked about the shop’s age policy, Karin told me that clients must be 18 years old and must be able to present a current and valid ID in order to receive a tattoo. Ages 16 to 18 must be accompanied by legal guardian, who has legal authority to sign for the minor as well as present their current and valid ID. The guardian must agree on the size, placing and content of the piece and must be present during the entire tattoo process. She said that they will not tattoo anyone under the age of 16.

Amaryllis doesn’t only tattoo. They’re philanthropists as well. They seemed to have given back to their community as well and helped organizations like Autism Resource Community Hub of the Lehigh Valley, Pancakes for Pit Bulls, Paws 4 A Beat, and Center for Animal Health and Welfare Dog House Auction, just to name a few.

Amaryllis is open Tuesday until Friday from 12 pm until 8 pm and then on Saturday from 11 am until 6 pm. If you’re in the Easton, PA area, I highly suggest you check this tattoo shop out. The artwork certainly speaks for itself. For more info on Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry and Design, visit or “Like” them on Facebook.

Well, I’m off to check out my next tattoo spot! Who knows what state it will be in! If you have a tattoo shop that you want to suggest, please e-mail me the name of the place and whom I should ask for at