Ashley Cucchiara: Local Superstar

When I first heard Ashley Cucchiara sing, it was when she was practicing the song, “All I Ask” by Adele, before entering in the Big Joe Jersey Talent Show in Point Pleasant. I was in complete shock when I realized she is only 16 years old with this grandiose, beautiful voice. Although she doesn’t have her own music out (yet!) other than covers on YouTube, I knew it was my duty as a journalist to get her name out there ASAP. This will not be the last time you hear (read) the name Ashley Cucchiara. Read more below about the beginning of what will be an incredible music career.

Where are you from?
Toms River, New Jersey.

How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?
I began singing at 5 years old and have continued from there. I love performing and try to be involved in competitions, productions, and anything that has to do with getting my name and voice out there!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?
My music is mostly pop, however, my voice is more R&B and blues.

What was your latest release of music?
I have not released any music just yet, but I have very special and exciting songs on their way!

What is your writing and recording process like?
Writing is something that I definitely struggle with, but when an idea pops into my head I always make sure to write it down. Recording is my favorite part about the creation of the song because that’s when my music comes to life! I could spend hours in the studio making sure everything is the way I like it.

What are current projects you are working on?
I don’t have any upcoming shows, but make sure to keep an eye out for some new music this year!

What is your favorite memory as an artist?
My favorite memory would have to be getting on stage and nailing a performance. I know that answer is pretty vague, but there’s something about knowing I put my all into a performance that makes it all worth it.

What are your goals for the future as an artist?
My goals as an artist would be to share my music with others and help someone get through a tough time. All of my songs are based off of experience, and if my music can touch someone, it would be a dream come true.

Where can readers find your music?
Readers can find my covers of songs on YouTube, but sometime this year my songs will hopefully be on iTunes!

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