DREAMERS: Living the Dream


Showcasing a unique blend of pop, indie and rock, DREAMERS have got their heads in the clouds, and it’s easy to see why. Since their conception three years ago, the trio–Nick Wold, Marc Nelson, and Jacob Lee Wick–have been on an upward trajectory: playing coveted music festivals, releasing their well-received debut album in August 2016, and touring relentlessly. As the band heads out on tour in support of The Maine this fall, lead singer, Wold, takes the time to tell AQ about their most surreal moments, their imaginative sentiments, and what you can expect next from the rockers.

DREAMERS is still in its early days, having only been a band since 2014, but you guys have already done some large-scale things: performing at festivals like Lollapalooza and Meadows, opening for Stone Temple Pilots. What’s been a stand out moment for you?

Yeah, Stone Temple Pilots, the first show we played was at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle–and I grew up in Seattle–so that was definitely a crazy moment for me. My favorite video is Nirvana Live at the Paramount, so that was crazy! And then over the summer we got to play at Bumbershoot, this festival I’ve always wanted to play. But hearing ourselves on the radio the first time is kind of weird.

Yeah, that must be a strange feeling. Is it something you’ve gotten used to?

You get used to it, but I till feel like in the early register, it’s just your song and it sounds normal when you play it on your phone, but your in the car and you’re like, “Oh, that’s actually on the radio!” [Laughs]

Your debut album, This Album Does Not Exist, dropped a little over a year ago, and the band showcased a range of genre: a lot of pop, and rock, and indie vibes. How did these influences come together?

It’s hard to say. We have this host of things we love in music; mostly old stuff from classic rock from the ‘60s, The Beatles, and we’re obsessed with grunge rock from the ‘90s. But we also have all this electronic music and indie stuff that we’re drawn to. I think we sort of jumbled it all into a smoothie, and then we see what comes out. [Laughs]

How has the reception been as time has passed and fans have become more acquainted with the songs?

It’s been incredible! The last two years have kind of been a blur with touring nonstop. We can see now that people are singing the lyrics and it kind of slowly grows like that. A few more people come every time, you headline, a few more people recognize a song, and then another song. I don’t know. It’s this slow process; it kind of feels like you keep running and you keep getting a little further and further.

Absolutely! Now I’ve seen the DREAMERS’ website, and it definitely has this trippy aesthetic. Where’d that come from?

We felt with a name like DREAMERS we kind of have to show what we mean by it, and we’re kind of obsessed with dreams just in the experience you have at night when you sleep, as well as your goals and aspirations. So we like, wrote the manifesto and wanted the site to be like, this lost corner of the internet where you discover another dimension, so we threw that together. We made that when we had no money to make a website but we just had no reason to change it whatsoever.

I get that! So, what’s next for you guys now? You’ve been touring nonstop, the album’s been out about a year…

Yeah, we’ve actually had time whenever we’re home in LA to write the last six months. So we’ve been writing loads and loads of new music, and we’re just about starting to record our next record. We’re super excited about it! We’re turning up the rock ‘n’ roll ‘90s-style, it’s kind of a little bit darker of an album maybe. It just kind of reflects how our lives have been different living on the road these last two years. So we’ve got that and then many more tours next year. Just continuing to live the dream!

See DREAMERS performing live at The Paramount in Huntington, NY Nov. 5, and at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on Nov. 9.