The Sighs – “Wait On Another Day” (Omad Records)

Power pop with a ‘90s alternative rock aesthetic seems to fit The Sighs quite nicely. It is rare that you find a band that not only stays consistent in its bands members, but also stays consistent in their approach to music; especially if it went through various, bursting-at-the-seams music scenes. For The Sighs, this was in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. This power pop quartet hails from Massachusetts – Holyoke to be exact. Just this year, they released an album titled, Wait On Another Day; an 1- track LP with a live version of “Think About Soul” as their concluding track – a considerably bold choice for a band that is not a household name. Although, it can easily be seen as the dessert of the album, a treat for fans new and old.

“Wait on Another Day” is the third track on this album and as they say, “third time’s the charm.” The first two tracks are good – great, even – but serves as the appetizer for the song that is the namesake of the whole album. Its romantic lyrics are intricately laced around harmonies that are truly a highlight of the band’s vocals. “Love, From Lisa” is just another track that has harmonies that other bands strive to achieve. It is in these songs that you can pull out the individual strengths of the members and further grasp the sound they are trying to create – and achieving at doing so.

If you have ever heard the band Rooney, an early ‘00s pop rock band from Los Angeles, then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say that “Into the new Light,” as well as “Love, from Lisa,” could come off their second studio album, Calling The World. Rooney is another band that is not massively popular, but has superfans that thrive when the band releases new music. That seems similar to the fans of The Sighs; people who stick around for the truthful talent of a band they simply love to listen to.

Their original sound only falters once throughout the course of the album, on the eighth track, “Summertime Roses.” This sweet song is just that: sweet. It is reminiscent of the sound that singer/songwriters of the ‘60s were trying to achieve. With Beach Boy-esque undertones and a trumpet accompaniment, it seems as though the The Sighs were attempting to fit into a different era, albeit without losing their personality. Unfortunately, that didn’t fit this specific album, but the song does hold onto its sweetness.

This album is truly easy listening. It has chords, riffs, drums, vocals, and lyrics that fit perfectly into the niche they have created for themselves in the small band, pop rock world – a world that is filled to the brim with musicians, bands, singers, and songwriters. Despite this only being the band’s third studio album since their formation in 1982, their heart has not been lost on the songs. This album has the quality that all true musicians strive to have, especially in the modern day when electronics and the internet can be used to mimic and manipulate different sounds. The Sighs brought their A game with Wait On Another Day, the ‘A’ standing for authenticity.