The Regrettes : “Attention Seeker” (Warner Bros. Records)

  I love The Regrettes. I have loved The Regrettes since I came across their music video for their single, “Hey Now,” almost a year and a half ago. The concept video showcases sexism, racism, and more in just over five minutes and within a Hairspray-esque era. All of that alongside a catchy, punk tune and immense talent was enough to have me anticipating their debut album release, following the whole band on Instagram, and telling all my friends to give them a listen.

  Fast forward that year and a half; I have been listening to their debut album for over a year, I know all of the words, and I am in the midst of learning all the words to each new song off their new EP. Attention Seeker dropped on Feb. 23, following their latest single, “Come Through,” which was released with a fantastic music video two weeks prior. Let me tell you, if I wasn’t already a massive fan of this LA-based, girl power infused, punk rock band, I would truly be one now.

  Attention Seeker consists of five tracks: two new songs, a new cover of an old classic, and two acoustic versions of songs off their debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool! — a record I included in my personal “Top Ten Albums of 2017” list back in December. The cover art alone is intriguing and reminds me greatly of what the Meat Puppets infamous artwork would look like if made for The Donnas, another girl power themed rock band that held strong meaning in their work.

  The cool girl, punk rock, feminist message that the band exudes is clear from the get go. The opening track is “Come Through.” As Refinery29, the media company that premiered the video for them put it, the song is “an empowering anthem for women who are sick of being taken for granted.” Seriously, you just want to scream the lyrics, “I don’t need you!” right into your ex’s face, or anyone else who walked all over you or didn’t appreciate you.

  The guitar-driven version of “A Teenager in Love” is probably the most flawless track on the album. I will stand by frontwoman Lydia Night’s songwriting through thick and thin, but I have to say that the way they molded this classic pop track to be their own is something marvelous. Dion and the Belmonts sang this song to the world in 1959, but now, almost 60 years later, it’s The Regrettes’ turn. Night’s silvery voice soars on this track, seemingly embodying that angsty ‘60s girl that she portrayed in the “Hey Now” music video that I adore so much.

  The second track off Attention Seeker is the supremely talented foursome’s new, and just as deliciously infectious, song. It’s original, romantic, and also makes you want to crowd surf at the same time; which, if you know me, is a feeling I love to get from the music I listen to. You can clearly hear drummer Maxx Morando put his heart and soul into this, thrusting his powerful role in the group into the forefront. This track is titled “Red Light,” and it is the essential punk infused pop song that is exactly what should be all over the radios this summer. I can guarantee that I will be blasting it with all the windows down come spring.

  This EP comes at the perfect time, as the band is about to head out on a West Coast headlining tour before hitting the festival scene all summer long. They will be performing at all the big name shows: Coachella, Firefly, Reading & Leeds in the UK, and — right around our corner — Governors Ball. Between this new EP’s rambunctious, infectious, astounding sound and their debut album’s honest, powerful delivery in each one of their punk rock anthems, you do not want to miss them this summer. And if you can’t listen to them live, do yourself a favor and download their music so that you can listen to them right now.