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Mr. Campion,

  While I think it is true that most of Donald Trump’s wild tweeting and bloviating and lie after miserable lie are a smokescreen for most of his time at the White House, this immigration deal is kind of his raison d’être (IMMIGRATION SMOKESCREEN – Issue: 1/31/18). There really was no point to Trump for coming down that escalator beyond childish self-aggrandizement other than the fear of immigrants, which has been alive and well in this country for its 250-year history.
  I believe there is a problem, obviously, with this country’s immigration policies, but this type of draconian lunacy is no way to solve it. But to be fair no one has even addressed it. I feel that sometimes it takes a president like Obama with the health care issue to finally put it out there and likely the results at first will be messy but the conversation is happening.
  But make no mistake, this is no smokescreen. What is happening now is frightening and should make every American frightened. And for those who voted for and support Mr. Trump, they will have to explain this embarrassment to history.

            Bea Enrico




  I think the Democrats need to look in the mirror on this. Trump is the result of inertia. I think he is a disgusting slob and most likely a racist, but why is he president? Because for years when Republicans screamed this was wrong, Democrats demagogued the issue. I also blame the gutless Marco Rubio, who had immigration reform in his grasp and succumbed to the lobbyists, talk radio and the threat of a primary fight. This is the issue and will always be the issue with guns in this country and the NRA. They can have all the marches they want and all the dead kids we endure, but those who vote must be held accountable to what they support and what they can enact in congress, not through empty rhetoric.





  “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an ignorant, ill-informed, easily-duped, frightened jingoist in this country.”


            Peter Blasevick




  I love how you use this column to point out how racist we all are. It fills my American heart with pride.

            HH Staci




  Everything in this column is true; Democrats and Republicans are full of shit. Trump is definitely full of shit. But where do we go from here if we really care about illegal immigration? Who is going to come out of this cacophony of arguments when there are still millions of people living in the shadows and millions more in DACA who will be left out in the cold, after we made a pact, a treaty if you will with them? Is it the same as every other treaty we have ignored throughout our history and how many treaties will this president tear up? What country or what citizen of our county will ever believe the government again? Once Trump is gone all of his policies will be toast and then what will happen to these people and what will happen to America?
  It seems truly odd to me that there is a consensus among Americans — both right wing and left wing — on how to handle this, but who is congress representing? Not us! What small level of racist fear mongers is Trump appealing to? I don’t know any. Who will represent our concerns? Nobody! Who will represent the concerns of those families torn apart because the government lets DACA just die after promises?
  Write about that.

            Alison T.




  I love the fact that here we are thirty years after the Cold War ended and suddenly it is Republicans defending Russia and Democrats crying insurrection from foreign entities. (RUSSIA IS WINNING – Issue: 2/7/18) The ironies are delicious.

            Ronnie Goes Howitzer




  It is disgusting how blatantly this administration bends over backwards to NOT punish Russia for not only spying and hacking and interfering with our elections but ignoring our sanctions and diddling in Syria and the continued occupation of Ukraine. $130 million funds for our intelligence community to thwart future attacks on our nation and not a dime of it has been spent? A stream of federal agents telling congress this administration has done nothing new in over a year to put them on alert for this? Where is the outrage from those who CLAIM to love this country and put safety and security first? This fucking ass-hat is planning a military parade and he allows the Russians to piss on our heads?
  Oh, they’re winning all right.
  They must have some serious shit on Donald Dipshit.

            Ashley Says




  The Russian thing is way overrated. Russia won WWII while we sat around and took our time. By the time D Day happened the Soviet Union had already taken hundreds of thousands of causalities, and not only military. They got the short end of the stick after the war, as Roosevelt and later Truman and Churchill lied to them. The Ukraine is part of Russia.
  Plus, how many elections did we fix all over the world after the war? Dozens? Assassinations and coup-de-tas, it’s a joke.
  Who cares how Trump won? Would you rather have Hillary? Who cares if Russia runs this country? It’s better than Obama.
  Trump Rules!

  Go Russia, bitch.





  If anyone cares about the future of American democracy in the shadow of this de facto Russian oligarchy peddled by our Manchurian Candidate Trump, then they will stop whining and marching and protesting and calling radio stations and watching MSNBC and complaining about Fox News and get out and vote in November, so Democrats can control congress and impeach this traitor!

  1. Stimson




  Am I the only one who thinks there are a ton of answers about Russia in those tax returns no one can see?




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