Nolenz Volenz: Hiraeth Forever (Modirn Records)

  A large part of life is being able to connect with someone or something. Connecting, on any level, makes any relationship that much more worth it. Relationships, in and of themselves, don’t always have to be between people. Relationships can also be with animals, food, music, and infinitely more. For Nolenz Volenz, his relationship with his family was structured in such a way that his relationship with music was able to flourish — although, not necessarily under the best of circumstances.

  After the passing of both his mother and sister within a span of barely six years, Volenz found himself falling further and further into depression. After a year and half of dark days, he found his dusty old guitar and started strumming it. Flash-forward 18 songs later, emotions are still high, but they’re slowly being released into the world. Hiraeth Forever is Nolenz Volenz’s new album, consisting of eight of his songs that stem from his heart. Thus, creating a voice for himself that allows each and every listener to feel what he feels, connect with his story, and build that relationship through music.

  “Can You Feel It” is a three minute song that, when listening to every lyric, will hit home. It’s alternative with hints of indie rock, further emphasizing the style that — while not all over the place — still feels unplanned, honest and true to the emotion felt while piecing this song together. The rawness doesn’t stop there. “In Every Happy Face” pulls on every heart string, as well. It almost makes you physically feel the pain that Volenz was evidently going through at the time. Only the most sincere artists can convey so much emotion in such a small amount of time.

            Honestly, I find it hard to describe “In Every Happy Face,” for it is so complex. The lyrics are in-depth without falling too far into the over-dramatic category, while the beat is consistent in staying mellow, yet upbeat. It is clear that Volenz was sticking to his original purpose for writing this song as he recorded it, because the undertones of sentiment can be found throughout. Musicians sometimes lose that intense feeling as they begin to overwork songs, but Volenz doesn’t do that in the least. The harmonies are breathy and the words pack a punch, but like I said, emotions run high on this album for both the artist and his audience.