Shoreworld – Yawn Mower: “Could Eat, Would Sleep”

    Yawn Mower is back with another compelling EP on Mint Records being released this month. The record will be available on Spotify and other streaming channels, as well as being available at all their live shows.

Speaking of live shows, the release of Could Eat, Would Sleep will take place at The Saint in Asbury Park on April 20. The record was recorded with Paul Richie at Insidious Sounds in Neptune, NJ — recording taking place in January 2018 — guests on the album include Mark Gallagher on saxophone (Local Summer). 

The EP was mixed with Pat Noon at Eightsixteen studios in South River, NJ. Eightsixteen recently merged with the wildly infamous Tracks East Studios, and this is one of Noon’s pet projects. The EP was mastered with Bill Azimuth. Ritchie also manned the helm for Yawn Mowers 2015/2016 Get to the Boat. Noon also handled the mastering, and of course, we know that Ritchie has produced other local up and comers such as Battery Electric and Scott Liss.

    Yawn Mower is an Asbury-based, two-piece, drum-and-guitar outfit led by fuzz-drenched baritone guitar blaster Mike C. and boom boom bang pow arm tornado Biff S. As their bio states, “These Hawaiian shirts wearing goofballs began like so many others, in a basement making noise and eventually graduating to an honest to god practice space at the Hot Dog House. YACK MASER has been described as garage rock, surf rock, WTF rock, fuzz rock, punk rock, indie rock and most importantly, rock ‘n’ roll. YOND MUTER will have you, your babes and your homies swaying to their headbanging good vibes as you simultaneously look at each other and exclaim a long-winded, ‘SAAAH, DUDES?’ How does YANG MAKER execute those high kicks with such heroics? How does YIPE MALAR twirl their drumsticks with such zing? Grab your sunglasses and come see for yourself, ‘cause YAWN MOWER is gonna make it rain, baby!”

    No matter how they describe themselves, Yawn Mower is a band that gets things done their way. This latest EP is another in the ongoing list of eclectic recordings by this interesting New Jersey band.

    First song up is called “Kickstand.” Drums guide the piece as Yawn Mower talk about the assistance of friends that help provide some sort of sustenance in a world of greed and hopelessness. Guitars are basic and churn out addictive riffs as drums smack down the middle. If this band wanted to, they could do what every other group does and sound the same, but they turn left when the norm goes straight, and it works in their favor. I love bass but I get what they’re doing, and it works like gangbusters. Vocals are strong and meld well with instrumentation. Guitars sound almost bug-like at times and I’m sure that’s part of the band’s call and effect for where they’re heading. Choruses are memorable, and verses pop where they should. Its great stuff and a standout first track.

    “Local Summer” is up next. Blending the local girls with catching waves and sun and fun, Yawn Mower celebrates the blessed section at the end of the season where locals can once again come out and take advantage of their town and everything it should offer. Sort of tongue in cheek, the song features the dark sax work of Mark Gallagher. He is in and out before you know it, but it’s great stuff. Guitars supply some fantastic riffs and lines as drums pound out the back end.

    “Operators (Are Standing By)” is up next. This song reminds me of early Nirvana, and Mike C. captures an era that disappeared long ago. Guitars and drums team up to back Mike’s emotional vocal presentation. The verses, bridges and choruses are ideally placed, and the song itself is a perfect rock n’ roll performance. I really like how the guitars build on the back end (around 2:53) before dropping off to almost nothing and coming back full strength again. The compositional directive and skill here are 200 percent amazing.

    “Shouted Poem” is up next. This song is no hippy gushing love and togetherness in its regular form. I’m not sure what Mikey is singing about but his passion is at full bore, and the song is a perfect blend of lo-fi and creative love that takes the listener on a wild ride through 2:03 of gnarly guitar swank and drum moxie.

    “The Woods” is last but probably my favorite on the disc. Yawn Mower tosses the salad on this one, and the mix is fun-filled and full of fire. Guitars are bombastic and mix with steady drums under Mikey’s vocal attack. The ending verse is a wavy, gravy meltdown into a free-form style of sixties rock that is a juxtaposition of the rest of the tune. This is the perfect mix of hard, distorted guitars and smacking drums with impassioned lyrics and toned vocals.

    As stated earlier, Yawn Mower will be celebrating the release of Could Eat, Would Sleep at The Saint on April 20.

    This show is a 420 Bash sponsored by Little Dickman Records/Mint 400 records, and special guests include The Sink Tapes, Darkwing, Looms and other special guests. For more information, head over to or check out the various bands on Facebook.

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