lovelytheband: All I Wanted

  In the two short years since their official formation, lovelytheband have already made a recognizable imprint on the alternative scene. The indie pop trio — comprised of Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price — celebrated the release of their debut EP, everything i could never say… in September 2017. And chances are you’ve sung along to their infectious bop, “Broken”, a radio sweetheart single that peaked at No. 1 on the Alternative Charts. Here, frontman Collins gives insight into his lyrical inspiration, tour highlights, and what to expect from the first lovelytheband full-length.

If you had to describe the band to somebody who had never heard you before in one word, how would you describe it?


Tell me a little bit about why.

  All of the songs are from the heart, you know? We touch on stuff that is pretty relatable. I try to sing pretty honestly about the stuff I deal with in my life, you know? Relationships, ups and downs, friendships, the stuff I deal with; even like depression and anxiety and stuff like that.

Absolutely! And your debut EP has been out now for about 8 months now; I wanted to know a little bit about how reception has been in terms of when you interact with fans at shows and online.

  You know, it has been awesome! Our fanbase has been growing everyday and it is really fun. We have different people come up to us at the shows and tell us how different songs have affected them. It’s just really special, you know? Hearing the way that words I just wrote in a studio could affect or help someone’s life in some small way.

It’s been about a year since your single “Broken” came out, and it is still conquering the alt. airwaves. I feel like every time that I have alt. radio 92.3 on up here, it is constantly playing. Does it ever feel trippy when you catch yourself on the radio or even for your family to catch you?

  Oh, totally! I mean, like randomly getting in an Uber and hearing a song play…that’s pretty wild — especially it being on 92.3. When I was growing up in Jersey, that was KROQ, so having it back to being an alternative station is really exciting, and that fact that we get to be apart of it is even more exciting.

For sure! In terms of your live shows, how has it felt seeing — not only a increases in the number of people in attendance– but fans as they have gotten more acquainted with the EP and the songs, such as singing it back to you and getting more involved at the shows?

  It’s the dream, you know? That is what you always hope for, so watching it grow like that and seeing people react to the music is exciting. The energy is definitely different, but it keeps getting better with every show we do.

Now, have you guys been working on any new music? Is there is full length in the future now that the EP has been out for a little while?

  Yeah! We have an album done, TBD on when it is going to be out, but we are crossing our fingers for this summer.

Oh, that would be exciting!


I know that obviously you guys are going to want to wait until you officially announce it, but any little tidbits that you can give us about influences or what the recording process was like?

  [Laughs] It’s a very, very good lovelytheband record…I’ll leave it at that.

[Laughs] Ok, I get it! For your upcoming tour — you guys are just ending one and hopping on another with AWOLNATION. What are you most looking forward to with the upcoming tour?

  Meeting fans and watching AWOLNATION every night — I’m a big fan. Meeting new people in general, making new fans, just the whole thing. Getting to play these clubs and see these new cities…we’re still new, so all this is all fresh. We’re hitting these cities for the very first time, so we are just thankful.

Have any specific venues or cities that you have played already stood out?

  I mean, obviously L.A. because it’s home. We played the Greek Theater in Berkeley by San Francisco, and that one was really cool for me. Both my mom and dad are from that area — and actually, my dad graduated on that same stage — so that was a cool full-circle moment.

Were theyable to come out and see you play there?

  No. My dad’s been living in Philly and my mom’s still in Jersey, but I did have some extended family out for the show and that was cool.

That’s exciting! That also means that you will have to go back and play again so your parents can go.


Do you feel like New Jersey — and, like you just said, L.A. — and where you’ve grown up and traveled to has shaped your music in any way?

  Yeah, I mean, definitely! I’m always picking up different experiences — you know, that’s what life is — so you are always pulling from it and putting that into songs and whatever.

Absolutely! And, before I let you go, is there is anything that you would like to say to fans from the New Jersey/New York area coming out to your upcoming tour?

  I would love to say that New Jersey is my home, that’s my heart, and even though I don’t live there anymore, it has shaped me as a young musician. And some of my favorite memories are going to shows in Jersey, and I hope that if they come out to a show in New Jersey or New York that they bring that energy that I remember.

Awesome! Well, thank you so much. I know you guys have had a very tight schedule, so thank you for taking some time to talk to me today.

  Thank you! I hope to get to talk to you soon.