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  Ever since the government has supported weed, weed has gotten shitty. (THE FIGHT FOR LEGAL MARIJUANA – 3/7/18) You disagree? I have been smoking for almost 30 years. I am not a regular smoker, but I will never rule it out. So for my rant – here we go:
  (A) It is genetically modified, hence most of it being medical. Yes, it is all medical now. Even the seeds you buy from high times are medical. You need to ask yourself, if a strand can assist with Crohn’s, another help with anxiety, another help with inflammation, then HMMMM GEEZ, has something been added to this otherwise basic flower to give it these different healing attributes? I have a friend that when I smoke with him I am all amped up, my heart races and I lack focus. My opinion, IT HAS METH IN IT or HAS BEEN SPRAYED WITH RAID. I no longer smoke with him, because he fails to see the Un-awesomeness of it.
  (B) It is now bred to (look pretty). “Look at this. It is awesome. See all the red hairs?” Sorry! It didn’t work. But it will if you want to believe it did. Most strands resemble Apples and Oranges from the super market. Beautiful and Shiny. Folks, have you ever seen and apple off a homegrown tree?
  (C) I liked weed better even when it sucked and was garbage 20 years ago, because it was weed and I got high. I did not have to be concerned with buying weed and needing a Starbucks menu to help me make a choice. “I’ll take the grande chocolate and the blue berry haze”. Sounds marketed to me. Give me something that will get me high.
  I do agree that weed should be legal, but all this legalization garbage is meant to get everyone on board for the new strand for sheep. Don’t buy into hype and smoke it sparingly.
            Peter (What’s the Point of Pete?) Puglisi


  I am not about banning legalized marijuana. I just want everyone who attempts to purchase or possess marijuana to fill out 2 applications, pay several fees to both local and state LEO, be fingerprinted with those fingerprints kept on file in their local LEO, Trenton and Washington DC, go through 2 screenings as well as a mental health screening, have your marijuana purchasers ID card signed and approved by their local Sheriff. Once you have your Purchasers Permit you must go through a 48-hour waiting period before purchasing the marijuana, have to keep your marijuana locked away while transporting in a car as well as advising law enforcement of the presence of the marijuana during a traffic stop. There should also be bans on high capacity marijuana as no one needs such potent marijuana. Only the radical fringe elements could be against such common-sense reforms.
            Bill Roberts
            Conservatively Speaking


  Thank you, Mr. Campion for being the reasoned voice in all this hoo-ha! I have been appalled by the lack of science and pragmatism attached to this issue. I always hear law enforcement citing statistics from Colorado where auto incidents have spike since the legalization of marijuana in that state, but they never mention that alcohol-related driving fatalities and accidents that blow them away…and alcohol is legal!!
  So in every way possible this is prohibition AGAIN, but since there so far has not been money in this, the way bootlegging changed things during the 1920s, then it has languished. But that has changed! Now state governments are seeing the incredible amount of money to be made and taxes to be levied on marijuana and how it is booming in Washington and Colorado and elsewhere and how we need to get on that right away.



  I am not a pot smoker, but if anyone removes this emotional “moral??” stuff from the issue than what do we have: Another vice for people to enjoy and for enterprising economic capitalists to take advantage of, as is the right and point of an open and free market (at least while there is still one with this asshole in the White House) and that we should be allowed to grow, regulate, market and sell this product to those who are willing to buy it.
  It is no more harmful and physically or medically it is less so than most hard alcohol. It is a natural plant. It is a mockery of this so-called democracy that it is not legal nationally. We are stuck in the 1950s and now that we have a bunch of old white guys back in charge that is where they want it. But NJ is a progressive state and we need to separate ourselves form the antiquated draconian lean of this oppressive federal government trying to regulate our behaviors and let us grow our economy above and beyond the manipulative notions of this corrupt and inept Trump administration.
  Don’t Tread on Me!
  Legalize it, mon!

  1. Jackson II


  So now that the idiots who voted for Trump are stuck with forty-five scandals and are also getting screwed by his idiotic trade wars. (THE HALF-ASSED STEEEL TARRIF – 3/14/18) This helps no one except a couple of hundred steel union workers Another president hijacked by the union cabal. Embarrassing. Pathetic! I thought this moron was conservative! Why are we attacking international free trade, manipulated by the government now (from the executive branch no less) in favor of steel workers? Socialism 101 – control the means of production to benefit the worker over the greater free exchange of goods. Fucking communism is what it is. I grew up with Reagan, I supported all Republican cause, mainly because I am an economic conservative, but this is downright liberal, progressive government-controlled economic choosing of winners and losers. This president is a communist and those Republicans who continue to make excuses for this mess should be ashamed.

            Dean Steers


  Ever get the feeling that Trump is a fraud? Because he is.



  To be fair, this is what Trump said he would do when he ran. I think there is a segment of the Republican Party, or really both parties when you consider Bernie Sanders’ campaign that are 99-percenters. They despise rich people and the free and open international trade that assists more businesses and consumers than hurt them. However, they are genuinely afraid of this new global, internet, robotic 21st century economy. Trump was the daddy figure sent to fix all that, not unlike FDR. He wants to turn back the clock, use the government to “correct” the natural order of things. It seems odd, but this is an odd president and time.
  After all, this is the theory (if one exists at all because Trump seems more emotional than intellectual, certainly) of Make American Great Again. The key word is Again. People want to turn the clock back. I know you have discussed this in your column many times, but it is usually couched in mockery. But for decades probably going back to the 1980s, there has been a fear of Russians or Japanese or Chinese and now Mexicans taking our jobs and technology replacing workers.
  I think this is the point of this presidency and it is being enacted. And while I am no fan of Trump and I believe this is not the best plan, it is what was voted for. And now people we get to actually see if it works.

            Alison Klein


  The right man for the right time.
  I’m not saying that I dig him, but I do.
  All fallllll out!
  This is what we wrought.
  This is what we eat.
  Big spoon for you James.
  Spoons for all…

            Peter Saveskie


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