15 Bands To Catch Live At Warped Tour

  Warped Tour is coming around to New Jersey very quickly, and for the last time. Holmdel won’t be the same without the slew of pop punk, metal, and alternative rock bands that show up for that one fateful day every summer. The excitement, entertainment, and amazing music that it has brought to so many people’s lives proves it was more than just a day out. Warped Tour was a mindset, a lifestyle, and a passion that musicians and fans understood. Some of those musicians are new, some are returning, and some are just having their share of the fun. These 15 bands come from all over the country — and the world! — and are just some of the ones that you have to check out when hitting Warped Tour’s New Jersey date.

The Interrupters

  This California punk rock group has all of the charm and talent to take over the music scene — and they are doing just that. Touring with bands of the likes of Green Day, coming from and representing Los Angeles, and with three outstanding albums under their belt, the ska, punk and rock communities have been appreciating and adoring this four-piece since they formed back in 2011. Their unique, melodic, high-tempo music is pure and effective in making a fan out of each and every listener and concert goer.

State Champs

  They might be young, but these five guys hailing from Albany, NY are not new to the Warped scene in the least. State Champs have been a band since 2010, with three EPs and three LPs to their name. They’ve been on the Warped Tour lineup quite a few times over the last few years and always draw one of the largest and most passionate crowds. Pop punk is their genre: they live it, they love it, and they own it each and every time they hop on that stage and get people jumping, dancing, and moshing.


Story Untold

  Our favorite Canadian band, Story Untold, are unleashing themselves this summer while on tour. Their first studio album under this moniker hit the airwaves earlier this year, and other than a mini-headlining tour in Canada, these shows are the first real times that fans and music lovers alike will get a good listen of these pop punk tracks. Their music is Blink-182-esque, with hints of modernity in their quite authentic alternative and punk sound.


This Wild Life

  Bands out of Long Beach, Calif. never seem to let anyone down, because they always just seem to “get” music, so to speak. This rock duo only further proves the point with their emo laced acoustic rock sound that resonates with their fans, making their set a must see for all fans, as well as anyone going. The subtle twist they put on their covers — and the raw talent found in their original work — shines through when they get on that stage.


Falling in Reverse

  Ten years into their career, these Las Vegas natives are still writing their own ticket to stardom. Metalcore intertwined with pop punk has helped make their name grow and evolve over time. Influenced by their personal lives and the issues they have faced and overcome, this band takes story and perspective to a new level. Their immediate lineup has changed and shifted, they have toured constantly, and they won awards. Their music shines light on personal strength and drive through lyrics, while still sticking to their hard rock roots within their heavy beats and riffs.


Kaiser Solzie

  From the streets of Rochester, NY comes Kaiser Solzie, a punk inspired group with more charisma than any well established band I know. For almost 10 years, lead singer James Jackson put his adoration for music to work, playing everywhere from basement shows to the streets of New York. Now, him and his three friends are touring with Vans Warped Tour, bringing authentic, yet modern punk music to the show.


As It Is

  British bands always deliver, no matter the era, genre, or platform. When As It Is joined the Warped Tour in 2015, their US fan base went through the roof. They are bringing honest music back to the forefront, with hints of an emo resurgence throughout their emotional, but rough sounds. Brighton bred one of the best four piece pop punk bands, with cool guy attitude, punk rock look, and true loud, up tempo music ability.


Doll Skin

  This all female rock band from Phoenix, Ariz. are a must-see at Warped Tour this year. Reminiscent of The Runaways and often compared to the iconic band, this girl power laden quartet was discovered in a battle of the bands, where they won and one of the judges just so happened to be Megadeath’s bassist, Dave Ellefson. The hard rock, punk influenced girls are not the be messed with, and I for one think they’re on their way to the top of more than just Warped Tour’s lineup.


We The Kings

  Warped Tour veterans and one of our personal favorite acts, We The Kings never fail to put on one of the most interactive and lively performances that this tour offers. Year after year, We The Kings come back with more fire in their bellies than before. They cater to their decade long fans, playing their hits like “Check Yes Juliet” and “Secret Valentine,” but also showcase their new music; of which they never stop making because creating fun, warm, pop punk/alt. rock songs are what make them one of the best bands — and one of the most iconic Warped bands — ever.



  Philly’s very own pop punkers are taking their turn on the Warped stage this summer and are ready to bring their debut LP, Adornment, to life on stage. Their alternative roots, catchy beats, and rock ‘n’ roll grit make their sound both well-known and well-liked. Although they pull inspiration from their own lives, they have created their own reflective style that shines through their songs. Seeing them put it all out there on the stage during this tour is surely something we all must stop by and see.


Every Time I Die

  Known for their high energy shows and rowdy crowds, this two decade old metalcore band takes influence from southern rock, as well as classic heavy metal. They’ve performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, had their music featured on Guitar Hero 2, have headlined various international tours, and more. Warped Tour is welcoming this band with open arms, for their talent have already gotten them far in theri career and deep into people’s hearts. Their grit is true and their music is raging; the perfect combination for great music.


Bowling for Soup

  They’re a class act that has been putting out some of the best pop punk music the world has to offer since 1994. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing who they are, or at least knowing a handful of their iconic, completely catchy, and very much karaoke worthy hits: “1985”, “Almost”, or even “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”. With their signature oh-so clever lyrics and punk rock melodies, it’s easy to spot one of their songs as being theirs, so catching their performances at Warped is just as easy as it is vital.


Harm’s Way

  These Chicago natives have made the industrial genre their own, albeit over time. The band started out as a silly side project, but as a fanbase accumulated and their passion for it grew, it became a full fledged band with a pretty impressive discography and that same growing fan base. Although their music is one of the more harsher sounds that Warped has to offer, hardcore punk and industrial artists are still maintaining their stance, crowd, and love. They’re a must see, for sure, for their individuality and history alone.


Crown the Empire

  Another legendary Warped band, Crown the Empire have been changing their style a bit lately. With their new music on the horizon and former vocalist out of the picture, this hard rock band are pushing forward and taking their fans along with them for the ride. Their almost 10 year career has had its ups and downs, but they have maintained that post-hardcore fan base that fell in love with them back in 2010. Seriously, their last record debuted in 2016 earning the 15th spot on the Billboard Top 200 charts — a pretty big feat for a band that has gone through the ringer a few times and of whom perform a genre that isn’t as popular as it once was.



  Performing on every date of this year’s Warped Tour are Makeout, the pop punk quartet with a singular album to their name, but a lot of dedication behind them. After winning a battle of the bands in 2014, they were able to perform at a show at Warped Tour. The next year? They played nine dates. This year they are taking their one, quite outstanding album and running with it long and hard on every Warped Tour date. Makeout are clearly an impressive group of Rhode Island guys with a pop punk mission that is beginning to work out quite well for them.