Even More To Come From Twenty One Pilots

  Weeks of cryptic messages being posted on social media has lead up to this exciting moment that fans all across the globe have been waiting for: new music from Twenty One Pilots. The musical duo have had one of the strongest and most die-hard fan bases since their fourth album, Blurryface, came out in 2015 and massively blew up. The not-so mainstream, alternative, electro-pop record took the world by storm; seriously, it hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, is Grammy award-winning, and has been certified three times platinum with over 1.5 million sales.

  I think it can be said that Trench will do the same, as their fans have been eagerly awaiting for Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun to kick start this new era. That kickstarting finally occurred earlier today when Trench’s album artwork and release date (October 5) hit the TØP Twitter account. It was announced in a series of tweets alongside the big reveal of their upcoming world tour, a brand new single, as well as another new, exclusive track from the album. Those cryptic messages lead up to something great: the end of their hiatus and the beginning of vibrant new tunes.


  The fans are already screaming about “Jumpsuit”, mostly because Tyler Joseph is still screaming. This single started off a bit different than expected, as the fans waited with bated breath to hear the signature angst and screeching that only Joseph can intertwine so eloquently into the lyrics and beats of their song. The just barely five-minute long video for “Jumpsuit” features a very creepy red hooded man chasing Tyler through mountains and woods, the song profoundly narrating the storyline. There are pressures being felt and expectations to be met, but the — seemingly metaphorical — jumpsuit is there to shield the stress and keep the balance of good and evil in life. With heavy guitars and thumping basses replacing the usually strong drum beats, the alternative band is showcasing a much more rocking side to them.

“Nico And The Niners” 

  The second surprise from Twenty One Pilots was the release of this second song of their upcoming record. “Nico and The Niners” pulls from the “Jumpsuit” idea, as well, with references to that same jumpsuit; this time it is taking him “so high.” The pulsing, relatively upbeat track rivals “Jumpsuit” with its increased tempo and more cultured undertones. Stemming even further from alternative and rock, “Nico And The Niners” hits among the most reggae-based sound of theirs yet. The sung and rapped words float lightly abound the kick drums on a pace quicker and more creative than on “Jumpsuit”.

  Beginning October 16, less than two weeks after Trench is expected to drop, Twenty One Pilots are touring North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Having over 60 tour dates gives fans more than enough chances to see them at a city near to them, where TØP are sure to perform hits from Blurryface, bound to be outstanding songs off of Trench, and classics off of their first three albums that those truly die-hard fans definitely know by heart.