Spotlights – Bad Wolves, Delta Sleep, & More!

Great Music from Bad Wolves

  Currently touring with Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin, the Los Angeles-based five-piece is on the rise as the newest, coolest metal super-group. Their debut album peaked at No. 3 on the US rock charts and the lead single for the album, “Learn to Live”, has racked up over one million streams on Spotify; not to mention that their cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” — released in tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan — topped charts, struck a chord in their listeners, and peaked at 54 on the Hot 100 chart. The stellar, rhythm oriented metal band is filled with seasoned musicians, so their rise to the top of the modern rock world will be quick. For now, you can catch them at the PNC Bank Arts Center on August 25. For tickets, go to


Courtesy of the band

Delta Sleep Comes to Asbury Park

Delta Sleep: they’re taking math rock and making it emo, while also infusing their own personality and mixing it in to create truly stellar concept songs and records. The band is conscious about who they are, who their audience is, and how to consistently tweak their sound so that fans can grow alongside them. Their sophomore album, Ghost City, just dropped and it’s set in a dystopian world far — or maybe not so far — in the future, where the world is completely technology based and no living, organic matter seems to truly live or grow. It’s a wild concept to think about, let alone hear about through music, but it is done so well that listening to is a must. They’re touring for it now! Not to mention that it’s their very first US tour. For more information on it and their August 28 show, visit

HOAX: Visual, Audible, Lovable

  If you’ve been looking for live music that makes the night more of an experience than a simple live music event, this is the show for you. Coming out of Brooklyn – and playing live in Brooklyn on August 25 — is HOAX, an alt-indie group whose music has more soul in it – technically and personally — than you would imagine. With almost 800,000 streams on Spotify for their first ever single that was released back in 2016 and way over 100,00 on each of their other released songs, it’s imperative that you hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard: live. Music can be streamed, but if the artist is touring, they want you to hear it in person just as much as they want to perform it for you in person. Plus, if you bring a flower to their show, you get a free drink! For more information, go to


Courtesy of the band

A Lovely Second Single from Shallow Pools

  Hailing from Boston, this all female, alt-pop trio has their engines revving and are ready to take off. Performing together since 2012, the three friends started off doing covers around town and locally, just for fun. Six years later, after some attempts of writing and recording, they have their act together and are in the midst of creating a sound that’s a pop version of alternative rock and, in their own words, are striving “to promote inclusivity and to normalize seeing a band comprised of women in this genre.” The inspirational soon-to-be rock stars also want “to establish a welcoming environment for people of all ages, sexualities, and gender identities.” They’re doing that pretty well, I have to say, and are already releasing original, rockin’ singles that are sure to draw in many new listeners. They’re new single “Sinking”, hits airwaves, stores, and streaming services on August 24.