In an increasingly harrowing reality, Daughter Vision are a female-fronted synth-pop performance-art four-piece from Asbury Park whose audience and material has grown greatly singer a local singer-songwriter named Emily Grove joined the 8-year-old band relatively recently. But in the inter-dimension reality of the space-and-time-traveling band, vocalist Amarna Yoni, as she is known in Daughter Vision, is a former Egyptian ruler, who found bass/synth player Stephen H. Christ, guitarist Val Challah and drummer Bob Dammit in the cosmos. She subsequently helped turn last year’s three-song “DV EP” into their best record yet.

With many of their gigs in a holding pattern because of the virus crisis, including Makin Waves Happy Mondays 2020 on June 1 at the Wonder Bar in Asbury, Daughter Vision most likely will be celebrating the Solstice live at the Parlor Gallery, also in Asbury, having had to reschedule their recurring Equinox show there. They also hopefully will get to perform July 25 at Old Franklin Schoolhouse in Metuchen and Aug. 21 at Atlantic Highlands Art Council. In the meantime, enjoy the following chat with Stephen and Amarna on behalf of their bandmates.

When and how did Daughter Vision first get together?
Daughter Vision was created by our father, Professor Brian O’Blivion. It is his gift to the universe, which was first perceivable by Earth in your year of 2012.  He summoned the rest of us here at various axes in time after The Great Sound Wars of Ursa Minor.

Had any of you played in a band together before Daughter Vision?
We have existed for millennia, known by many names under many banners. 

When and how did Amarna join the band?
Amarna Yoni, dubbed ‘Lady of all Women,’ was born under the Horizon of the Aten and was the most powerful ruler in Egypt under the guidance of the almighty Aten, the Sun Disc. Having made so many treacherous enemies while in power and afraid for her life, she transformed into a feline, thanks to her high priestess, snuck out of her beloved kingdom, and was traveling through time looking for a place to settle and was laughing at those who searched for her tomb, until she was mistakenly brought in by Daughter Vision, who thought she was furry, friendly, and could be of some use to them … Little did they know what was in store for them.

How has Amarna impacted the band’s music and audience?
The sonic quality and range of our music has grown greater, which has expanded the audience; so we now have more people making out.

Since Amarna joined Daughter Vision, does she perform less as singer-songwriter Emily Grove and, if so, why is that worthwhile?
Emily Grove?  Hmmmm … I’m not sure if I’ve heard of her. I have been around for thousands of years, plus I have nine lives, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her. Is she good? Maybe we’ll bump into each other during our journey through time and space. 

What has Daughter Vision’s great accomplishment been, and how did it impact the band?
Inter-dimensional travel is how it is all possible and it is ultimately how our high priestess, Amarna, came to us. All Hails!

How has the role of women in rock grown in the past 10 years and why? We can only speak for space cats who have always done only what they wanted to do, and we envision the future of human females to be the same. 

In all likelihood your June 1 Makin Waves Happy Mondays show at Wonder Bar with The Extensions and Cold Weather Company will be canceled. How else has COVID-19 impacted the band, and how and why have you adapted?
Shows are getting canceled, and it is difficult for all of us to get into a room and rehearse, but Väl has been online conducting very informative heavy metal guitar lessons.

You were scheduled to perform a show on April 4 at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park. Why is the Equinox important to Daughter Vision?  
Jenn Hampton was the Creator of Fun Times at the Original Asbury Lanes, and allowed us to hold our Equinox gathering there, granting us complete artistic freedom and full access of the venue, which is unheard of these days. Since curating Parlor Gallery, she has offered the space to us for an evening to do it again. The Equinox is important to us not only to collaborate with artists in other mediums, but to celebrate The Infinite Bornless Reborn.

Will Daughter Vision be performing on social media? If so, when and where?
It is not customary for Daughter Vision to go where it is not welcome. If social media summons us, then we shall appear.

Is performing live on social media a worthwhile alternative to a live venue? If so, do you think that will continue to increase once the virus subsides or decrease back to the way it was prior to the virus? Either way, why?
Those who have struggled to get into venues prior to the virus probably think it is worthwhile and will continue to stream shows, especially if this event has resulted in extending their reach and expanding their audiences. Everyone else who was playing venues on the regular, will most likely be psyched to go back.

Once the virus does subside, what would Daughter Vision most like to accomplish, by when and why?
We will practice, rehearse, have our Equinox show, though it might be a Solstice show, and fine-tune our new industrial make out jams so we can perform and record them because it is thy will.

Have you written any songs in reaction to the virus?
Wherever there is life, there are viruses. Where ever there are songs, there is life. It has been an unwritten mutually agreed-upon brutality since the beginning. Amarna has written a chorus to one of our new songs based on this current virus.

When and how will you release your next material, what will it be, and how would you describe it?
It’s too soon to say when, and we will have a better idea when this thing is over.