Jersey Shore outfit Tight Lipped make punk rock with as much attitude as it’s ever had.

The four-piece punk group Tight Lipped, led by scene veteran Joy Vay—also of TV Tramps infamy—has a new seven-song EP, So Tight. With the pandemic keeping the live music scene in lockdown, Joy is working on a new TV Tramps project, as well as a new band, Death Rattle, with TV Tramps bassist Sweet Tooth. Plus, she’s opening the House of Trash boutique in Asbury Park.

On behalf of her Tight Lipped bandmates—co-founding bassist-vocalist Samantha Slick, lead guitarist Lauren “Blue” Fox, and drummer drummer Kat DaVille—Joy talked about these plans, and more.

What have you been doing since the pandemic started?

Surprisingly and luckily enough, my life has only been affected positively since this whole paranoia pandemic started to hit home. I was hired as a decorator on the Shadowbrook restoration crew the same week everything was shut down, plus I’m in the process of opening House of Trash boutique in Asbury Park. The New Trash Order is upon us.

Are you originally from the Jersey Shore?

Born and raised.

What made you fall in love with punk rock?

To me, as a kid, it was weird and badass, like listening to a Jackson Pollock.

Who is in Tight Lipped, what do they play, and what other bands have they been in?

We have founding member and rock n’ roller Samantha Slick on bass and vocals. Lauren Blue Fox of Speed Queen and Buzzard Wagon [is] on lead guitar, and you may have seen our drummer Kat DaVille in her other bands, The Bloody Muffs and Black Light Medusa.

What do you like most about each of them and why?

They keep it tight (laughs).

How and why do Tight Lipped take a different approach to punk?

We’re like the sexy punk rock A-Team.

What’s up with TV Tramps?

I miss playing with my boys as much as we used to and hoping to put out another record with TVT when we all can sync up. I’m actually starting another band with our bassist Sweet Tooth so look out for the heinous sounds of Death Rattle in the next six months.

In what other music projects are you involved?

I have a synthy project called Sugar Babylon with my partner in crime Taps of [the] old school hardcore band Arrogant Response. It’s been in the works for a liltle bit, plus some Joy Vay solo work that has yet to be defined.

Why is the Brighton Bar important?

Because it reflects the soul of rock n roll.

Is there anything I didn’t ask on which you would like to comment?

Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ.