You’re welcome. You know, it is quite an interesting time to make music and be an artist. Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from happenings around the world and the thoughts you have on it all? Or do you find that today’s current events are just a little too overwhelming to embark on anything creative?

Kind of a little bit of both. Like I think it is overwhelming, but like that’s kind of my thing. I kind of like intense situations and speaking out is kind of in my personality. I’ve always been very outspoken and had an opinion. I feel like you got to know what you’re good at. I think we have a responsibility to kind of know what we’re good at and then contribute that to society and to the world and to the evolution of life. I’m good at speaking my mind and I’m good at standing up to people and for myself. I’m good at doing things that maybe other people are too scared to do. So even if it is uncomfortable or overwhelming, I feel like I have to do it because not everyone has that ability. A lot of the things that are happening are very sensitive and I can’t necessarily relate to them, which I think gives me even more of a responsibility to use my voice, because of the times. Because the album has been done before any of this happened, my recent stuff has not really been major. We’ve been in quarantine and stuff like that, but definitely going forward, it’s going to be like a consistent change in what I say, because I don’t want to be a part time activist, you know what I mean? This is something that we all have to kind of be a part of, so yeah, speaking my mind and standing up for what’s right is definitely a huge part of what I wanna do. It’s uncomfortable, it’s overwhelming, it’s intense, but like we have to all kind of work together to affect change. I just want to say that you’re going to definitely have trouble doing that. Like with the recent times and things that have happened, and even with me speaking out on it, you definitely always run the risk of people that are against what you believe in and may start coming at you or stop being a fan… that kind of thing. And I’ve had a lot of it. It’s been intense, but I also think that anything that incites a meaningful conversation is good in the end for everyone.