Ehud Lazin

Experiencing Brandi Carlile’s Solo Show at The Cap

If we haven’t said it before, we’ll say it now: everything Brandi Carlisle touches turns to gold.

Fresh off of her electrifying performance at the Grammy Awards, Brandi Carlile brought her solo star power east for a stunning evening in New York on February 17. Carlile is known for navigating emotions through melody and telling stories with her voice, but that talent intertwined with an infectious smile, a vibrant suit, and a venue with quality acoustics put the singer-songwriter on an otherworldly level.

She performed about 20 songs on The Capitol Theatre stage, her guitar rarely leaving her shoulder as she crooned and tuned. We couldn’t have been happier to catch her live again, because a Brandi Carlile concert – no matter the size or the setlist – feels like a memory. Even if living in the moment, singing and dancing, and being the utmost grounded in the experience, there’s a good chance you’ll feel as though you’re in a musical snapshot, a moment in your life you will never forget and will look back on with goosebumps again and again.

It’s hard to pinpoint that snapshot feeling, but maybe these actual snapshots by our friend Ehud Lazin will be enough: