Ehud Lazin

Margo Price in NYC (Just in Time for International Women’s Day)

We’re honored and humbled to work with, around, and for women in the music industry. Margo Price coming to town during Women’s History Month and just four days before International Women’s Day grounds us even further in the reality that women really do freaking rock.

Singer-songwriter Margo Price sold out Webster Hall on March 4. This was an appropriate date for the show, for Margo to headline, as it is only one of very few dates that is also a command: March 4 = march forth. What Price does as a well-rounded, multi-faceted musician is prove artists – and even more so female artists – cannot be put in a box. She is not simply a country artist, she is a folk rock mastermind and a budding Americana legend with a diverse fanbase and a rollercoaster of a journey that got her to where she is today (including, but not limited to, motherhood, Grammy nominations, and acclaimed album releases).

At Webster Hall, Tré opened with stylings that were narrative-based and suave. The Strays performed followed with just under 20 songs, including a Jefferson Airplane cover. One of the songs not played was “Lydia,” a riveting, empowering tune that Price is quoted as saying a is a “moving collection of words about bodily autonomy and women’s rights.” A personal track and fan favorite, we are certain its pertinence would only have been amplified by the month’s important feminist happenings. Still, the night and the show was memorable, weighted, flowing, and strong… much like Margo Price herself.


Photos by Ehud Lazin

Margo Price

Photos by Ehud Lazin

Photos by Ehud Lazin