PREMIERE: Dirty Slippers With Even More!

Our favorite Hungarian four-piece has a new single out today and we are thrilled to share it with our readers, the States, and everyone else who stumbles upon the pop rock sounds of “Wide Open.”

Don’t want us tell you about this new single? The band can do it instead! “‘Wide Open’ is a motivational hymn for the youth in a modern world, when everything is much harder, the people are more aggressive and the daily problems in our life are even worse. It’s a story of a person  whose life is hampered by many difficulties and he often feels that everything and everyone has conspired against him,” they shared in a press release. “Despite this, he fights like a one man army for his dreams, to find happiness and the meaning and mission of his life.”

Thunderous drums balance the looped guitar riffs, creating a dream-like repetition with a wake up call as it roars to a close a little after three minutes in. You have to listen for yourself – explore the rhythm and rock of the new song that is helping put Dirty Slippers on the map across the pond. As they tour the UK with hits like “Honest Kid” and new favorites like this one, their growth is imminent and exciting. Pseudo-pop bands in the same lane have some multi-lingual, musically-sound competition coming through.